Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

Part of the traffic on each site is mobile. Users are increasingly using tablets and phones to access the Internet and this must be taken into account.

If you want to get the most profit from your sites, then you need to take care of placing interesting advertisements.

Mobile traffic monetization is a separate process that requires special attention. The fact is that it is not always possible to effectively convert such traffic in the usual way, but there are several options for achieving maximum results.

We will present you some of the best options for making money on mobile traffic.

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

Earnings on mobile applications

Let's start with a specialized affiliate network for converting mobile traffic. Earnings scheme is extremely simple, register, get promotional materials, install them on your sites and get a profit for each installation of applications.

Payments are not delayed here, provide detailed statistics, and work with each webmaster individually. After registering in your account, you can familiarize yourself with all the offers:

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

For convenience, they are sorted by category. Choose the necessary section and consider the offers:

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

Each offer is accompanied by additional information, about how much you get for the installation, for which devices the application is suitable, as well as from which countries it is accepted traffic. Just connect to one of them, get a link and start attracting users.

2. Actionpay
A more popular affiliate network with many affiliate offers, including mobile apps. Even without registration, you can go to the system and evaluate offers for mobile traffic:

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

Prices are different everywhere, of course, the cost is much better, but as a rule there are some restrictions for them.

For example, for installing the first application from our example, they pay more than 31 rubles, but you cannot attract users from social networks. But the application with a reward of 7 rubles, you can advertise by any means.

3. Admitad
This giant among affiliate program networks, through which you can also convert mobile traffic profitably. For mobile traffic, there are fewer offers here than on ActionPay, but they are exclusive.

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

This is an example of one of the offers that is suitable for converting visitors from devices running IOS. The choice is not great, but you can pick up options.

Monetization of mobile traffic with pay per click

Making money on affiliate programs is profitable and convenient, but this option is not suitable for everyone.

Why? Some webmasters are lazy, they don’t want to constantly change something, look for suitable offers, evaluate conversions and do other things, it’s much easier to place the code once so that pay-per-click ads appear.

Such an opportunity is provided by a well-known service. Not so long ago, new ad formats for mobile traffic were added - FullScreen and a mobile banner. They look like this:

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

Is monetization of mobile traffic through this system profitable? More than, and through a calculator on their website, it is easy to calculate the expected profit. Look at the statistics of your site and see how many hosts visit the site from a mobile device.

Enter the number of visitors and the expected income will appear:

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

With attendance of 8,000 hosts per day, the revenue from a mobile banner is 42,000 rubles. You get even more if the ad is shown in full screen:

Pay Per Click Mobile Monetization

A great option for monetizing mobile traffic, but for the site to be accepted into the system, it must meet some requirements:

  • from 50 hosts per day;
  • paid hosting;
  • preferential traffic comes from search engines;
  • at least 50% RU traffic;
  • the presence of a counter on the site;
  • without information about SARs and wrap;
  • with quality content.

Do you have suitable sites for all these items? Then add a project and start monetizing mobile traffic. If for some reason TeaserNet does not suit you, use alternative advertising services:

  1. - install teasers and banners on the site, get maximum revenue from mobile traffic.
  2. - a mobile banner or redirect is offered to webmasters, both of which bring good profit.
  3. - fullscreen and regular banners are offered by this company, you can choose the subject of ads.
  4. - quality filters are installed here, so the best ads for webmasters traffic are selected.

It’s worth trying several different advertising systems to decide on how much revenue will go out. The main thing is that all these services are proven and value their reputation, so they pay out money without delay and monitor the quality of both advertisers and site owners.

Statistics show that mobile devices are gradually beginning to be used by an increasing audience of Internet users.

What does this mean? The fact that it is necessary to take root in this niche and make money on it. Try different options and be sure to monetize visitors using mobile devices.

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