Past this, I simply could not pass ... - Profit Hunter

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I will begin the post by thanking the bloggers who told their readers about my Spring Marathon. Today I want to say thanks to Artem Tagirov.

And again, Google is in the center of attention (it looks like Serge and Co. adopted a new marketing strategy a la Artemy Lebedev) 🙂

Look at this beauty:

Past this, I simply could not pass ... - Profit Hunter
This masterpiece yesterday reached the first position in Hot Trends and stayed there for several hours.

How can this be understood? What is the hot trends algorithm cracked (over the past couple of weeks this is not the first case - the swastika and the Keyword Elite tool for the first places have already been in the first places)? Or is Google artificially creating a buzz around it? Manzi with FeedBurner, Website Trends, who do not show statistics on Google services, statistics on Google Keyword Tool queries, which Rand Fishkin with SEOmoz said she was “probably not entirely accurate” (although rightly said that this is the best today), another AdWords advertiser thrower ...

Your opinions?

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