Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

It is profitable and promising to invest money at interest, but you need to carefully select assets. Now relevant to invest in online projects. Many interesting sites have been created, but fraudsters are too often among them.
Trusting your money is better for those who have already proved stability, works openly and offers guarantees.

Investing in mining, deposits and trading with is one of the worthy options. You can use it with any starting capital, the minimum investment is a little more than $ 16, this amount everyone can afford to allocate.

At the same time, you will not have to do anything yourself, the team of professionals will do all the work.

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

What is Cryptotek?

The team of the creators of this company uses advanced technology to make money. Now they have created several mining farms, are working on the development of their own equipment and are promoting their own coins.

Plus, due to a lot of experience, capital is increased through cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company appeared in 2016, received the necessary licenses and now provides services in almost 200 countries. Without stopping, work is underway in innovative areas. To collect cryptocurrency farms are organized in different states, the equipment is constantly purchased, which increases the power.

The cryptocurrency market is also used for other purposes. Investors' funds are used to conduct profitable transactions. They also invest in promising startups. Professionals are looking for other interesting areas, but choose only those ways in which minimum risks .

Developers have big plans, they are ready to launch several more projects in the coming years, but for now they are accepting investments from private individuals (they are ready to conclude an agreement). Not so long ago, the Russian language was introduced on the site, because many Russians have invested money.

New reviews appear online every day and they are all positive.

Registration and verification on Cryptotek

The profile on the company's website is created for free, so you can register now and get acquainted with the interface. When you go to the site, immediately select the Russian version:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

Now you can proceed to registration, to do this, click on the link in the upper right corner:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

The registration form is standard, you need to enter a real phone number and email, come up with a password:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

After that, the code is sent to the phone and mail, you will need to enter it in the next step. Account created, but that's not all. Opposite your avatar there is a notification that verification is required:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

To perform data verification, you need to go to the "Profile" menu and select "Verification". There you will see what exactly is required for this (scan of passport and photo with passport in hands):

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

Under these requirements is the usual form for downloading images. Immediately add the necessary documents:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

Well, do not forget to specify all your real data in your profile. All this does not take much time, it is better to perform these actions immediately after registration.

3 types of earnings on Cryptotek

Depending on the amount of start-up capital, the company's clients invest their money in different directions. Now the company offers 3 types of investment, and with it you can earn as a partner.

Each option is interesting in its own way, it is worth considering them in more detail:

1. Cloud mining cryptocurrency

The company managed to open a mining farm in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and the United States. The equipment is constantly updated, mining is conducted by 7 kinds of coins according to different algorithms. The interesting thing is that you can withdraw exactly those crypto money that you managed to collect.

To start, you need to buy a CRT, as power units are called here:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

The minimum investment is $ 10, the equivalent of the same amount can be withdrawn. The client himself decides how much power to buy back and what coins to get. The interface is simple and convenient, in front of each cryptocurrency there is a button to start mining.

The accumulated balance is also displayed here (with the current exchange rate in dollars):

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

The maximum percentage yield per month is 18%. Contracts for the rental of equipment for mining for a year. As in other types of investments with this company, the client receives a certificate, which confirms the contribution. Cloud mining has long been used around the world.

2. Cryptocurrency trading pools

A team of professionals from Cryptotek constantly offers profitable deals on the cryptocurrency market. It is not a secret for anyone that their courses jump much, and due to this, it is possible to profitably scroll through any amounts.

To make life easier for investors, pools were invented, you simply invest in them from $ 100 and you start to make a profit:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

The table shows the average monthly profitability cheap pool, it is 17. 1%. All pools are provided for a year, that is, with the most expensive one, it is possible to get a little more than 315% per year.

Compared to mining, conditions are more favorable, but the amount required is more. As for the withdrawal, the minimum amount is only $ 10.

3. Deposit plans

The most advantageous offer is deposits. To use this type of investment, you need to invest at least $ 1000. Only 2 first tariffs are available for beginners, green and gold, their yield is very different.

The fact is that the gold deposit can withdraw the entire amount only after a year, and on the green deposit you can order payments on a monthly basis:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

How the money is used by the depositor in this case? They are going to invest in startups, developing their own cryptocurrency and mining devices. Simply put, this is an investment in Cryptotek itself.

There are offers for big players with a starting capital of $ 500,000.

On the main page there is a calculator that will help you calculate the expected return for all types of investments.

You should have noticed that the more you invest, the better the conditions. For those who invest up to $ 100, mining will do. From $ 100 to $ 1000 it is better to invest in trading, and in the amount of $ 1000 it is worth opening packages.

In any case, the client does not have to work and do something, money is multiplied passively.

Cryptotek Affiliate Program

The company is open for profitable cooperation. They plan to create offline offices, but now partners can activate their account (they just need to agree with the rules) and start attracting people to their team. For this they are awarded various rewards, it all depends on the status received:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

The rating is determined by the total turnover of funds by the whole team. For example, as soon as the turnover in your team exceeds $ 2000, you move to the Senior Assistant level, you are already charged 7% (and not 5%), plus a premium of $ 50.

It’s not necessary to be very active, the team you can recruit and the users you recruit.

Use all the methods of recruiting referrals, while few know about the system, and many dream to make a profitable contribution without getting up from the chair.

In the affiliate program there are several types of rewards, therefore, conditionally it can be divided into 27 types into 3 types:

1. Referral system

For this type of cooperation, partners receive a percentage of deposits. The table shows how much interest is transferred to the partner from the first line, but this is not all. You can get interest from other lines of referrals (without limitation).

The share is calculated so that your percentage is taken, the percentage of the participant of your team is subtracted from it. Consider the example, you have the status of Middle Manager and you get 10% of the investment.

Your team has a partner with the status of Junior Assistant, they give him 5%. Your 10% -5% = 5%. That is, from the second line you will receive 5%. Similarly, the profit is calculated from other lines, while the percentages of all previous referrals are summed up and subtracted from your indicator.

2. Bonus System

When you reach the level of the Middle Manager, with each investment in the referral structure, income increases by 1%. It is important to bear in mind that your investment should be no less than the sum of the last received premium when moving to a new level.

For example, if you received a $ 50 premium, then $ 50 you should have invested in the system. Otherwise, + 1% on profit will not be set.

3. Bonus system

In the table, you should have noticed that when you switch to each level, the partner is charged a premium amount (from 50 to 500,000 dollars). To get it and go to the next level, it is necessary together with the team to collect investment in the amount indicated in the column "Turnover".

At the same time, no more than 50% of the required turnover can be taken into account from each team member. For example, it looks like this:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

You paid $ 800, one of the clients you attracted replenished the balance by $ 100, and the second by $ 1200. From the last one, only $ 1000 is taken into account, because a turnover of $ 2000 is required to move to the next level.

Initially it seems that the system with referrals is too complicated. You may not understand all this at all, just invite new investors and watch how money appears on your balance. The conditions are really favorable, and not everywhere there is a career ladder.

Withdrawals from Cryptotek

Minimum withdrawal is $ 10 or the equivalent amount in cryptocurrencies.To get money, you need to go to the appropriate section from the main menu:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

There you will see a list of available currencies for withdrawal. Next to each of them there are two icons - replenishment and withdrawal. Click on the blue icon and a form appears to indicate the transfer amount:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

The term for processing the application is 3-5 business days, the fee is 0. 5%. If you use the payment system, the commission is not charged:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

Numerous reviews about Cryptotek confirm that the site pays - this is a reliable and proven project for investors:

Passive earnings at Cryptotek, investment

There are no problems with payments, but as practice shows, most customers use mining (because there is no need for large amounts). Therefore, they usually order payments in cryptocurrencies.

A real review of Cryptotek

Cooperation with such a large project 100% will help you to increase your capital . It does not matter if you decide to use mining, trading or open a deposit. You are guaranteed to receive your money with interest.

To make sure that this is true, I found a person who registered with Cryptotek for several months, this is what he says:

I registered on the Cryptotek website in June 2017. I started with an investment of $ 80, because at first I could not believe that it would really bring a stable income. In the very first month I was credited with mining $ 12. 8, which I brought to my Bitcoin wallet.

I only extracted Bitcoins, as I am familiar with this cryptocurrency. Plus, when I invested, Bitcoin cost $ 2500 per coin, and now the rate has risen to $ 2800. Having ordered the payment through BTC, I also raised it a bit on the quotes.

Now I’m thinking of investing a couple more hundred dollars, because I liked the project, the money is charged stably, payments without delay and there are no mad fees.

You can also start to make money passively, while investing only $ 10. For an experienced investor, this is ridiculous money, letting the profit with such investments be not the highest, you will be able to check the project and discover another reliable asset.

Mining at Cryptotek allows you to start with minimal investment. If you have a large amount, you can immediately take advantage of the better deals of this company.

It is rapidly gaining momentum, you will not have time to look back, as every forum will already be written about it, and the topics will be filled with reports and payment screens.

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