Partner MixMarket. Mixed goods - additional income

When choosing an affiliate program, you need to consider various options, highlighting the most favorable conditions. What system to choose for earnings? Many are asking this question, in this article we will present you one of the best services, in which there are many different offers with very favorable conditions.

Affiliate is the largest project that offers to make money in various ways. Here you can make a profit for clicks, for actions or to receive a percentage of sales. There are several options to choose from, the topics are diverse, so you can monetize absolutely any site.

Partner MixMarket. Mixed goods - additional income

A profitable affiliate program for all

We begin with a description of the affiliate program catalog, which currently has 286 offers. Each offer indicates the amount you will receive for certain actions of the users involved by you:

Partner MixMarket. Mixed goods - additional income

The image shows several examples. As you can see, the conditions are different everywhere. For example, using the War Thunder affiliate program, you can receive 40 rubles for each registered one, and also receive an additional 70 rubles if the player reaches level 4.

To get a more detailed description of this offer, you can go over it. On the page of the detailed description you will learn where you can get traffic from, as well as what advertising materials you will be provided with:

Partner MixMarket. Mixed goods - additional income

Among the materials there are several advertising formats that you will receive to attract users. With regard to the requirements for sites, everything is simple, you can not attract motivated traffic from sites from the category of +18, as well as from the Google advertising network. But in addition to using your site, you can distribute advertising in social networks.

As mentioned above, among the partnership offers there are those in which they pay for views and clicks.

Here are a few examples:

Partner MixMarket. Mixed goods - additional income

With pay-per-clicks and views, there are not many offers, but on the other hand, they are very profitable. Paying for 7-8 rubles per click, these are excellent conditions for earning, but requirements are established for the sites, for example, Telecommunications Corporation (first line in the screenshot), is ready to cooperate only with the owners of sites about cellular communication in the Moscow region.

Mixed goods - additional income

In addition to the partner market at Mixmarket. biz is a section in which you can find conditions for trade in various goods.

Here you are offered several options for earning:

  1. Context product. To allocate profits, you will need to install an ad unit on your website, which will contain information about several products, the subject of which you will determine yourself. The design of the ad unit can be customized at its own discretion, so that it correctly fit into the design of the site.
  2. Own shop. With the Mixmarket affiliate program, you can do dropshipping, i.e. sell products on your website, and applications will be processed by suppliers. After registration, you will be able to apply for an XML catalog of products and, if approved, you will be able to replenish the range of your products with MixMarket's offers.
  3. Where to buy? This option is ideal for owners of sites that host reviews of specific products. For example, you post a review on any cell phone and add to it an advertising blog from MixMarket, in which several options of purchase will be presented, with an indication of the price.
  4. Ready market. The last option for profitable use of this service is to create your own virtual store, on a third-level domain, of your main site. This option is suitable only for owners of large and highly visited resources, and the staff of MixMarket fully take over the work on the development of the site.

Which of these methods is up to you to decide. Since 2005, this service has been operating steadily and there are quite a few positive reviews about it. In addition to favorable terms of cooperation, the administration offers users to participate in various promotions and competitions, with prestigious prizes.

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