PAMM Portfolio Expansion - Profit Hunter

Recently, many bloggers have begun to expand their portfolio in a PAMM account with a LiteForex broker. I could not get past this trend and invested test 500 dollars.

The amount is not large, so adhering completely to my investment strategy in PAMM will not work. But I still managed to distribute to 3 accounts 🙂

I selected the following accounts:

  • USD
  • Turtle Invest Fund
  • WTC

All accounts are older than 180 days and show good profitability with tolerable drawdown risks (conservative accounts for average losses, but not at all in terms of the level of profitability). I also recommend paying attention to such parameters as average daily profit and loss, as well as volatility of daily profitability.

So, after a little more than 2 weeks, we have the following situation:

PAMM Portfolio Expansion - Profit Hunter

As you can see, my choice so far can be considered successful. Net profit during this time was $ 148. Of these, I have already withdrawn $ 121 and prepared for withdrawal.

If it continues like this, I will introduce additional funds into this system and expand my portfolio 🙂

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