Pages of old goods in online stores, what to do with them?

In the development of online stores, their owners have to constantly update the range of products.

Some of them simply lose relevance, some are no longer supplied, and there are also cases when due to low demand you have to refuse to sell certain goods .

Search engine optimization is the most important element of each site and the owners of online stores are well aware of this. Pages of old products in online stores, what to do with them, so that search engines do not consider a simple page deletion and it did not affect the optimization?

Pages of old goods in online stores, what to do with them?

What to do with the pages of old products?

Tips on using such pages were given by Google employee Matt Cutts. In his comments on one of the questions of users, he said that first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the site itself, and only then make the right decision.

In order to fully answer the question, he divided his answer into several components:

  1. A small online store. If there are not so many products in your virtual store, then it is better not to close the page with the old goods from indexation and not to delete it. The ideal option is to offer the buyer similar products or even make a redirect to any other product. This will be the best way to reduce the risks of adversely affecting SEO.
  2. Average online store. In your virtual store from 100 to 1000 pages? Then it can be attributed to the average size of the site. In the case of pages with not relevant products, it is better to simply close them from indexing and set a 404 error. It is very important to install a link to the main page and similar products on the page with an error. If you temporarily do not deliver this product, then you do not need to close the page, it is better to leave it in its original form and install the inscription "Not available".
  3. Large online store. As for large projects, a special tag has been developed for them (in 2007), which will help indicate to search engines that from a certain date the page will not need to be added to the issue:. META NAME = "GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT = "unavailable_after: 12-Aug-20014 03:11:54 EST".

Pages of old goods in online stores, what to do with them?

Each owner of a virtual store should keep an eye on trifles and not ignore the pages on which the "outdated" and out-of-sale items are presented, if they do not want them to appear problems with optimization or behavioral factors.

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