Overview Quiz Group - affiliate program for video bloggers

Channel owners on YouTube are offered a huge number of different ways to monetize. Besides the fact that there are a lot of affiliate programs and the ability to connect Google ads, there are several media networks.

They are intermediaries for placing advertisements in video and take part of their profits for providing assistance in increasing profits.

Media Network is an affiliate program for video bloggers that not many people know about. It has been working for a long time; over 150,000 channels have been added to it, which generate more than 7 billion views a month. We have already talked about a similar project in a Youpartnerwsp article for monetizing the YouTube channel.

Overview Quiz Group - affiliate program for video bloggers

Is it profitable to make money with the Quiz Group?

All media networks operate on the same principle. They help channel owners to increase revenue and take part of their profits. In Quiz Group, partners get 80%, the administration takes 20%. So that you understand what it is about:

Overview Quiz Group - affiliate program for video bloggers

The channel has brought a little more than $ 4,600 over the last month, $ 920 of this amount is due to the media network . The amount is serious, but do not rush to draw conclusions. In order for the channel to bring such money, you need to be professional, and cooperation with the Quiz Group helps to achieve maximum return.

How are media networks generally good for channel owners?

  1. Monetization of any commercials is suitable for gray channels that add non-quality or even partially stolen content. YouTube ads will not appear on them, and allow the media network to monetize any videos.
  2. More views - of course, no one will be engaged in the promotion of your channel, but after adding to the media group, partner videos are shown in the "related videos" section.
  3. More advertising - you can choose from a wide variety of formats for advertising, and also try to make it effective. Clicks manage to collect more, therefore, profit increases.
  4. Convenient payments - earlier for this reason media networks were used. Now with Googlde Adsense it is easier to withdraw money, but still many people want to directly receive credits to the payment systems popular in Russia.
  5. Technical support - you can say no, if you use standard advertising on YouTube. In the media networks all clients are offered professional help and answer any questions.
  6. Channel promotion - you will learn it through useful information from the honey network sites. All sorts of webinars, conferences, a blog with a bunch of interesting articles, this really comes in handy.

Part of the money has to be given, so there are positive and negative reviews about all media networks on the Internet. It is better to spend at least a month testing affiliate programs and draw your own conclusions.

Is the Quiz Group so good?

Adding a site to this media network will take several minutes. By joining the affiliate program, customers specify the channel address and it immediately enters the moderation queue.

When they check whether the channel is suitable for the minimum requirements (500 subscribers and 5000 views), a notification appears in your account:

Overview Quiz Group - affiliate program for video bloggers

It says about sending an invitation in a private office on YouTube. Now we go to the channel settings and on the control panel we find the following notification:

Overview Quiz Group - affiliate program for video bloggers

Read the conditions and agree with them, after that the channel is immediately added to the media network, you can turn on monetization of videos. Registration is really simple, but is it worth it to go? Experienced videobloggers refuse affiliate program for a variety of reasons.

When conditions changed and the requirements for channels increased on the Quiz Group, the affiliate program was no longer profitable. In addition, there are too many reviews on the Internet that they were thrown.

Money simply did not pay, citing violation of the rules and poor quality of traffic. Many regretted contacting them, technical support collapsed. Is it worth spending time and part of the money remains a big question.

This review of the Quiz Group media network is not advertising; for general information, we have presented an affiliate program through which the owners of some channels still earn.

As long as the payments come, it is impossible to accuse of dishonesty, but the quality requirements have been greatly increased, so it’s better to add only white channels here.

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