Overdraft - automatic loan, types of overdraft

All people have financial problems in which modern schemes of working with bank customers come to the rescue.

There is such a term as overdraft and if your bank provides you with this service, then this can be considered a big plus, as in a difficult situation you can quickly find money.

What is overdraft? This is the provision of additional funds if, when debiting funds from the card, there is not a sufficient balance on it. In other words, the balance of your card goes into a minus, and you automatically become the lender. Some cardholders even specifically choose banks in which such conditions are provided.

Overdraft - automatic loan, types of overdraft

The conditions for granting such a loan are established in the contract when you draw up a card. As a rule, bank clients who have a steady income receive such an opportunity.

As regards the interest rate, as a rule, a certain period is given to pay off the debt without paying additional funds. If the money is not paid for this period of time, then a certain percentage is set.

Overdraft - automatic loan, types of overdraft

Overdraft types

The services provided for automatic loans are divided into several types:

  • Standard is a universal option that is most often set for cardholders. According to its terms, no interest is set, unless a certain debt limit is exceeded and funds are paid in a timely manner.
  • Advance - this overdraft scheme is most often used to attract new customers. From the title you can already guess that the client receives funds in advance. A prerequisite - the presence of permanent income.
  • Technical - the same as an advance overdraft, only the client does not need to provide any documents and have a permanent workplace. The main requirement is constant crediting to the card, the amount of which may depend on the credit limit.

Unfortunately, the ability to use a larger amount of funds from a card than its balance is not given by all banks. When money is urgently needed, but there is no overdraft service, getting a loan online is an excellent option. This is also convenient and will require less action.

On the WMZ Quick Loans page, you can find out about the very best online credit systems that provide online loans. Conditions are different everywhere, and the main requirement is the presence of a wallet in the Webmoney system.

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