Output Webmoney to the card, obmenka and vmex exchangers

Webmoney wallets are actively used to manage electronic money in RuNet. With their help, users make purchases, repay loans, pay for mobile communication and even earn online.

Our blog presents many ways to make money, if you actively use them, You can earn decent money. Naturally, when you collect a substantial amount on an electronic wallet, you will have a desire to withdraw this money, and as practice shows, beginners believe that withdrawing Webmoney to a card is a very difficult process.

How to bring Webmoney to a card?

In fact, making Webmoney to a card is not so difficult , in less than an hour you will be able to perform all the necessary actions, and we We will try to explain in detail how to do this, as well as tell you how to withdraw money profitably.

In order for you to have the opportunity to withdraw money from Webmoney, you will definitely need to get a formal certificate. It is not difficult to get it, it is enough to provide the payment system scans of your documents (passport and TIN).

If you want to start receiving a certificate, go to the official Webmoney website. ru:

Output Webmoney to the card, obmenka and vmex exchangers

In the image we have highlighted the button, after which you can proceed to the design of the certificate. After you fill out the necessary form (specify the real data), you will need to upload scans of documents:

Output Webmoney to the card, obmenka and vmex exchangers

After a couple of days your documents will be checked, you will have to wait. When the documents are checked, green check marks will appear in front of them, which means that you can proceed to map binding.

To do this, you will need to click on this link and fill in the details of your bank, as well as specify the account number. If you do not know the data of your bank, then you can find them either on the official website of the bank or get it from a bank employee during a personal visit.

To make it easier for you, you can use the example of filling out a form. Yes, the process of setting up the withdrawal of money is not easy, but there are no other options, but by completing it once, you can always easily transfer Webmoney to the card.

When the card is attached to your account (the check takes about 2 days), you can directly withdraw money. At this point, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a commission fee is charged for the transfer of money, it can be reduced by using exchangers.

The best and proven exchanges, this is Obmenka. ws and Via Exchangeka it is convenient to use translations from Yandex. Money or QIWI, and through Vmex you can withdraw money to the cards of various banks (Privat 24, Sberbank, and so on).

In search of the most favorable exchange rate for the currency (the currency is exchanged during the withdrawal), you can use the service. This site provides real-time monitoring of courses. For example, you can easily find a favorable exchange rate for exchanging WMR for Privat Bank card:

Output Webmoney to the card, obmenka and vmex exchangers

In the image you can see that it is possible to find exchange rates for almost all banks (in the picture is not full list of banks). By tracking the most profitable courses, you can withdraw money with minimal commissions, and this is very important when withdrawing large amounts.

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