Otzovik - the best online service for earnings on reviews

The technologies of the modern world allow all wishing users to improve their economic condition by using specialized services for remote work on the Internet. Already, many people regularly use these web services to generate additional income.

If only recently earnings on the Internet were characterized by high entry barriers, then today this area of ​​activity is absolutely available each user with a connection to the global network. You can earn on the Internet with or without attachments.

Currently, there are a lot of different ways to make money, the most popular of which are:

  1. earnings on freelance exchanges;
  2. monetization virtual resource;
  3. earnings on content exchanges;
  4. earnings on writing reviews.

The above ways of making money on the Internet show the greatest efficiency in terms of profitability. In these areas of activity, users can not only receive additional income, but also fully form the main source of profit. All of them, as a rule, require special training in one or another professional sphere.

In this case, the way of earning is rather profitable, based on paid reviews sites, because no special training is required from the participant to make a profit on them.

Otzovik - the best online service for earnings on reviews

Earnings on writing reviews on the Internet

Earnings based on the publication of reviews appeared in the open spaces global network for quite a long time, but the greatest peak popularity of this area is gaining precisely in recent years.

At the current time there is a very considerable number of Internet sites that provide the possibility of earning this type. And the highest user popularity among a variety of web platforms received projects and. If the first project can be characterized as more profitable, then the second one can be called with certainty less limited.

Both web platforms have a rather similar working principle - registered authors post their personal reviews on products or services on the site, after which they receive a daily profit from viewing their publications by unique readers.

If the main working principle of the Otzovik and Irecommend sites can be called identical, then the profit distribution models on the sites differ quite strongly. From this point of view, the Otzovik reviews site stands out most favorably, because its system of calculating monetary accruals allows the authors to earn much larger sums of money. That is why we will pay attention to this article to the Otzovik project.

Otzovik - the best online service for earnings on reviews

Earnings in the paid reviews project Otzovik

Today, the Otzovik website is perhaps the personification of the whole field of paid reviews. This is true, because among the numerous Internet platforms of this type, Otzovik provides the authors with the most optimal conditions for making money. This website began its activities in 2010.

Of course, this is not the first project in this area of ​​earnings, but it was he who was able to put all the effective mechanisms of other web platforms in one harmonious system. Thus, the Otzovik website provides users with the greatest functionality for earning on their feedback. Working on this Internet site, the user not only shares his personal experience with his readers, but also constantly increases his passive income from viewing publications.

The complete process of earning a novice author can be represented by in the form of the following sequence of actions:

  1. registration of an Otzovik account;
  2. assessment of the attractiveness of product categories;
  3. placement of a personal review;
  4. withdrawal of earnings from a web project.

As in most web projects, for earning money on reviews, the Otzovik website requires the registration of a unique user account , which will be assigned to all published texts. Registration on the platform under discussion is quite simple - here it is enough to fill out a basic form with information about your login, password and email.

At the end of the initial stage of registration, the author will be provided with a notification that an email with an activation link has been sent to the specified email address. Otzovik account activation is a necessary action in the registration process, otherwise the withdrawal options will not be available to the user. After activating your account, you can proceed to setting up the author's profile.

Here you need to specify reliable and useful information about the identity of the author - avatar, gender, country and city of residence, professional activities, as well as a brief record of yourself. Filling out these forms is necessary to increase the personal factor of the author, the value of which we will talk about a little later. In addition, in the settings of the user profile, you should immediately indicate the number of the electronic WebMoney account to which all the money earned will be transferred.

Immediately after completing the registration process and activating an account, the new user will be given the opportunity to publish their feedback. Do not rush to write a large-scale review of the first product found at hand. In the Internet project Otzovik, authors can leave reviews on almost all types of goods and services - here you can find a lot of publications about household and digital equipment, cars and motorcycles, medical and cosmetic preparations, trips and travels, as well as many other things. In simple words, you can write a review on the website about any product used in the daily life of a person.

The only key feature in this case is the fact that you can post reviews about serial products that are in regular high demand. This, in turn, means that reviews of unique products made to order, in most cases will be rejected at the stage of the primary moderation.

In addition to general information about product categories on the site, it is worth saying a few words and about their attractiveness in terms of profitability. The fact of the matter is that, unlike many other platforms of paid reviews, Otzovik does not have a single rate of remuneration for views. The amount of payment for viewing publications here depends on a number of parameters: the volume and quality of the text, the availability of photos and videos, as well as, directly, the category itself and the object of description.

Under the current rules of a web project, the amount of payment for one review review can vary from 1 kopeck to 50 kopecks. As for the question of the profitability of the categories, it is rather difficult to select an explicit list of favorites here. We can say with confidence that the largest number of views are collected by publications about small and large household appliances, computer and mobile gadgets, as well as cosmetic and medical preparations.

After a competent assessment of the attractiveness of the categories on the website, you can begin to publish your first review. It is worth noting here that the functionality of the Otzovik platform allows you to create a review in a short or extended form. To provide your reader with more useful information, it is recommended to use the extended filling form. With its help, you can fill in the fields of the name and description of the publication object, formulate the response body itself, add items of positive and negative qualities, as well as attach media content that will visually display a specific product or service.

In addition, this form allows you to give a more extensive assessment - here are five rating points (overall rating and assessment of quality, convenience, reliability and appearance). Thus, by creating a review using the extended form of filling, the author provides his readers with a much larger range of useful information, which means that he thereby increases the chance of receiving a larger amount of cash reward.

The final stage of work on the Otzovik website. com can be considered a withdrawal procedure. Unfortunately, many projects that offer earnings on writing reviews have extremely limited money transfer systems. Not in the best way things are in the Internet project Otzovik - the possibility of transferring money savings here is provided only to the purses of the WebMoney payment system. The minimum withdrawal amount must be at least 100 rubles.

All cash transactions are usually processed within five days of the application. The developers of this web platform suggest that later there may be other ways to get their money earned, but at the moment there is no specific information on this.

Otzovik - the best online service for earnings on reviews

Positive and negative points when working in the Otzovik project

So, we have already familiarized ourselves with the basic principles of the functioning of the web site of paid reviews . It is worth noting that the site Otzovik. com offers a truly effective income without investments, which does not require a serious preparation from the participant of the system. For the formation of a holistic view of the system of this Internet platform, it is necessary to consider all the pronounced positive and negative qualities that must be encountered in the process.

The clearly expressed advantages of the project under discussion are much greater than the disadvantages.

These include:

  1. a wide range of cash rewards;
  2. the availability of a bonus accrual system;
  3. regular performance competitive events;
  4. the possibility of increasing earnings using a personal coefficient;
  5. the possibility of earning in the section of public moderation.

Well, let's start in order. The main advantage of the web project, which puts it on a level above the competition, is a flexible system of regulation of the amount of payment. As mentioned earlier, on the Otzovik web platform, all categories of reviews have different payment models.

However, most publications are paid at a more profitable rate than other projects with paid reviews. This is undoubtedly a significant advantage, due to which Otzovik. com takes a leading position in the direction of paid reviews.

No less pleasant is the fact that this website has a system of bonus cash accruals. In accordance with this system, the author receives as a bonus an additional amount of money in the case when the total number of reviews on the object of description does not exceed the mark of 30 units.

In simple words, by publishing reviews among the first thirty people, the author receives double benefit. The size of bonus accruals in this case will depend on the quality of the text and photos inside the review, as well as directly from the product category in which the publication is placed.

For lovers of various contests and promotions, the Otzovik platform organized a special section of events, which allows you to earn extra money at the expense of various competitions. So, here you can find a large number of competitive events for various goods and services. In most cases, the winners of such contests receive as a reward not only sums of money, but also various goods from partners of the site.

You can increase the amount of your earnings on reviews within the Otzovik project with the help of the author's personal coefficient. This indicator increases the amount of cash rewards depending on a number of parameters. In simple words, if there is a coefficient of 2 units, the author will receive twice the amount of money for viewing publications. You can increase your personal rate due to the absence of errors in the texts, the quantity and quality of the content being posted, the frequency of publications getting to the main page.

The last positive factor that makes earnings on the Internet with Otzovik more interesting is the possibility of making a profit in the public moderation section. In this case, experienced authors with high reputation rates can access the verification section. Thus, experienced users of the website can earn extra money by checking reviews of other participants.

As for the negative qualities of the Otzovik website. com, there are not many of them here. Among them are only the following serious shortcomings:

  1. the lack of a functional statistics system;
  2. the absence of a wide list of alternatives for the withdrawal of earnings.

The main disadvantage for the majority of active authors on the Internet site under discussion is the absence of an extensive statistical system. The entire summary of posted publications is presented in the form of a complete list, which can be sorted only by specific indicators (date, name, number of impressions, amount of remuneration).

Of course, the site’s functionality allows sorting by specific dates, but this type of statistics also does not provide useful information. This problem is caused by an information update system that counts totals only once every 24 hours. Thus, it is not possible to track the dynamics of changes in indicators over a short period.

For some Internet users, a limited output system may be a significant drawback. As mentioned earlier, the Otzovik web project does not offer a wide choice of withdrawal alternatives - you can only transfer the money you earned to WMR wallets of the WebMoney electronic payment system. Of course, such a negative factor can have a significant impact on the formation of the opinion of a novice author who prefers to work with other payment systems.

Otzovik - the best online service for earnings on reviews


Today we reviewed in detail one of the best Internet projects that offers its members earnings on reviews. Site Otzovik. com is a kind of social network, where users not only share personal opinions about products and services with each other, but also receive a solid profit for it.In the text of this article, we thoroughly familiarized ourselves with all the positive and negative aspects of this Internet platform.

Based on these qualities, it can be concluded that Otzovik is the optimal platform for making money on writing reviews.

According to the results of this article, a number of conclusions can be made:

  1. the earnings on the site are made in accordance with dynamic rates, which vary depending on a number of parameters ;
  2. for adding a product review as one of the first 30 participants, the user receives a bonus amount of money;
  3. contests are regularly held on the Internet platform under discussion, which may bring additional profit;
  4. the level of earnings on reviews can regularly increase due to the growth rate of personal coefficient
  5. within the project, experienced authors can earn in the public moderation section;
  6. the statistics collection system is updated once every 24 hours, which means that it will not work out a detailed dynamic analysis of the work results;
  7. The withdrawal of the earned money is carried out only on WMR-wallets of the WebMoney system.

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