Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

After the collapse of the USSR and Ukraine’s independence, Oschadbank separated from Sberbank and became a national bank.

Ukrainians still use his services, he ranks second in popularity after Privat Bank. Internet banking works fine, you can use funds from the card on the Internet.

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal of funds, we decided to tell our readers about this. On the Internet, you often have to make transfers, buy something, and so on.

In addition, many Ukrainians use their earnings on the Internet. Money received on virtual wallets can be withdrawn through Oschadbank.

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

How to transfer electronic money to Oschadbank?

It is easy to make transfers from virtual wallets to Oschadbank cards, many exchangers work with this direction.

If you are using WebMoney, you will definitely need to get a formal certificate. To increase the limits, get the initial certificate Webmoney in Ukraine through BankID.

A bank card can be attached to a Webmoney account, but it is even easier to use exchangers. Note that transfers are available only if the data of the WebMoney holder and the cardholder match.

To transfer money, go to the monitoring system and choose the right direction:

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

As you can see, we have chosen WMR and Oschadbank. You can choose other payment systems (or other online banking systems). After that, you need to press the "Find the best rate" button and you will see a list of exchangers:

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

At the moment, only one exchange point is available, the rate is shown in the table. Pay attention to the reserve, it should be a sufficient amount for your operation.

Also check reviews, they should be positive. The algorithm for further action is somewhat different, since the exchangers have a different design, but in general it is the same.

First of all you will be asked to indicate the direction of the exchange:

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

Next, you need to fill out a form that indicates the e-wallet number, your personal data, amount and other information:

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

Be careful, otherwise the money will fly away to someone else. Further actions depend on which payment system is used to transfer to the card.

In most cases, this is the usual confirmation of the operation (via SMS or other means). As for the replenishment of the purses from the Oschadbank card, then again monitoring of the exchangers is useful.

In it, you need to choose a bank in the column "Separate":

Oschadbank card - deposit and withdrawal

Do everything exactly the same way, only in the opposite direction. Confirmation in exchangers is done via internet banking. It is easy to replenish the Oschadbank card or withdraw money from a virtual wallet to it, besides transfers are available in many bills.

Today Oschadbank, like many other large banks, is trying to create a comfortable environment for customers using e-commerce. It is in the exchangers, there are no problems with the withdrawal of funds, so you can safely use your cards and attach them to e-wallets.

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