Order in the work of a freelancer, how not to get lost in orders?

Pursuing freelancing and performing various projects, it is possible even for the same customer, it is necessary to maintain order.

It can be difficult not to get lost in a lot of work, but if you make mistakes, it can seriously affect your business and reputation.

In order to prevent such problems from occurring, order in the work of a freelancer should be maintained constantly. There are two important rules that will help you maintain order in affairs - this is the allocation of time spent on projects, as well as their storage in separate folders.

Order in the work of a freelancer, how not to get lost in orders?

How not to get confused in orders to a freelancer?

When you determine the time for the implementation of certain projects, correctly set priorities and take into account the amount of work required. Some projects may be more important, and some take up more of your time, all this must be foreseen in advance.

For example, you can divide your work day into 3 projects , setting aside several hours. Having performed certain actions in the allotted time for one project, completely stop working on it, closing all programs, text files, browser tabs and so on.

This partly affects productivity, so try to follow an established plan and not violate established time limits.

As for the separation of projects, this is also very important. In some cases, it will be even better if you create separate accounts in the necessary systems to work on each project.

Order in the work of a freelancer, how not to get lost in orders?

For example, by composing a semantic core for a site, through any service, it is easy to get confused which of the keyword lists was intended for a specific resource. Confusion should not be allowed, so it is better to err and do not forget to close everything related to the previous project.

Also, when dividing projects into separate folders, do not forget to create several additional folders inside each of them. They are intended to accommodate various files used in the performance of work.

For example, it can be source folders, folders with backups, folders with the necessary literature, etc. It is important that all these files are separated.

Experienced freelancers can work on dozens of projects at the same time, and if in 2-3 it is difficult to get confused, then with a large number, it will definitely happen to you. Only those freelancers who work professionally earn a lot, and order support is literacy in remote earnings.

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