Options or classic trading, what to choose?

Considering Forex as one of the niches for stable earnings, you first need to figure out which trading tools exist.

Besides the usual currency trading, binary options are now popular. Some traders have completely switched to this trading instrument, considering it more profitable.

Options or classic trading, what to choose? Each user must independently answer this question.

The difference between binary options and Forex is significant and this should be taken into account. And to make it easier for you to decide on a trading tool, in this article we will look at several of the most important factors.

Options or classic trading, what to choose?

Which trading tool is better?

Some traders find it more convenient to use classic trading, while others prefer binary options. If you find it difficult to decide, pay attention to the most important points of trading with both instruments:

1. Yield. What do you think, how much do traders get from classic trading? If you look at the statistics of PAMM accounts, it becomes clear that profitability of 15-30% is considered a huge success.

In binary options you can get much more, even with a single transaction ( average yield of transactions 70% ).

Just imagine, you will receive more than millions of traders, not even in one day, but in just one transaction. This is really profitable, so many have switched to options.

In order to reach the same yield as in options, for classical trading it is necessary to collect huge start-up capital and spend a lot of time.

2. Risks. In terms of risk, classic trading takes over. In options, there can be only two outcomes of a transaction — it is a defeat or a victory.

Simply put, you get all or nothing. Buying a currency, even if its rate drops by several points, you can get, albeit not all, but most of the money invested.

In order to reduce risks in options trading, experienced traders use many different tools. The most effective strategies can be found with some of them on our website - Two candles, Replicon, Usurper. In addition, a safety net helps to reduce risks, but not all brokers have such a tool.

3. Time. Making money, time plays a major role. Imagine that you earned $ 1000, but for how long? Maybe it was spent on the year, and maybe a week. The result is very different, which indicates another advantage of binary options.

It is worth noting here that the bet made in options is always fixed in time. This is a big plus for long-term trading. You can make plans, use strategies and conveniently manage your capital.

4. Ease of deals. For beginners, it is important that the earnings process is as simple as possible.

In this regard, binary options benefit, since using them almost do not have to learn terms, no need to download any terminals, and so on. Go to the site and immediately make a bet by filling out a small form:

Options or classic trading, what to choose?

This form is taken from the broker's website, just select the currency, set the time of the transaction, specify the amount of the bet and you can choose the direction graphics. What could be easier? It is easier to start in binary options, but this does not mean that it is easier to build forecasts.

5. Start-up capital. Now brokers offer to start with small amounts, both in binary options and in classic trading.

This is good for training and testing strategies, but in order to get good money, you have to make serious contributions. It only takes 300 rubles to start trading options.

By investing just $ 10, on standard trading you will need months of work to increase this amount by a couple of zeros. In binary options, where the yield is about 70%, to convert $ 10 to $ 1000, you will need to conduct 9 transactions in a row (you can do it in one day).

The choice between regular trading and binary options is always difficult, because each of the ways to make money is interesting and profitable in its own way. The best option in order to decide - is to try different types of trading, especially since it does not require huge contributions.

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