Optional - Preparing for the marathon. Day 7 - Profit Hunter

Market Samurai

Optional - Preparing for the marathon. Day 7 - Profit Hunter

One of the main reasons why people leave online business is the lack of planning. They simply create an idea, register a domain and hope for the best.

This is a direct path to collapse. The best alternative is to research different niches in order to find the best in terms of profitability and an acceptable level of competition. And here the program Market Samurai will be a very good helper.

This program contains various modules that will help you evaluate and weigh almost all aspects before starting your business. Consider what you can do Market Samurai .

Keyword Research Module

Keyword search module. This is the key module of the program. It allows you to explore niches and find the most profitable keywords for your business. We will look at this function in detail in the first module of our marathon.

SEO Competition Module

This module will help you quickly evaluate the competition in your chosen niche.

Domains Module

This module will help you choose the most “expensive” domain name for a keyword that is highly ranked in search engines.

Monetization Module

Module monetization. The program will help you choose a product. All you need to do is to enter your keyword or phrase and the program will select the most advantageous offers for the product. You simply transfer the liked offers to your site template.

Find Content Module

Content module. Content is an important component of any site. On its quality and information content depends customer quality. The ranking in PS depends on its optimization. This module searches for relevant information on the Internet for research on a key request: articles and videos.

Publish Content Module

After the study has been completed and text has been corrected it needs to be published. This is the task of the publication module.

Promotion Module

Promotion module. Its task is back links.

Rank Tracker Module

As soon as you created your website, this module will help you to track the position of the website for key requests in the PS.

All these modules will be discussed in detail in practice in the marathon.

Download the Trial version of the program

http: // www. challenge. co / blog / MarketSamurai

Enter in the appropriate fields your name and email address ( your name and your email address ), to which you A link will come for downloading programs.

After installation and first start you will see the following:

Optional - Preparing for the marathon. Day 7 - Profit Hunter

In the email field, enter your address, and in the Registration field key enter the key that we will send you in the mail.

We recommend discussing all questions on modules, programs and marathon on the forum - http: // Challenge. co / forum

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