Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

A novice trader is hard to achieve high returns. Only to study the interface, the terminal and other subtleties takes a lot of time.

That is why binary options have become very popular, and many users start with them. But the simplicity of trading does not mean that making money will be easy.

Option trading using Bo_Pro strategy is an opportunity to reduce risks and win more often.

This technique is used by experienced professionals and is suitable for any assets. Having learned to apply the technique, you can test it for free, using a demo account on.

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

Earn on binary options with a clever strategy

No strategy will work if you use the services of dishonest brokers. Unfortunately, now many newbies trade with unverified companies, so we strongly recommend using or.

These brokers provide their services for the first time and take quotes from reliable sources.

To apply the Bo_Pro strategy, you will need to create a template with a special indicator. For this useful system, which already uses every professional.

First of all, you need to register on this site so that you can save templates and use them for a long time.

Already registered? Great, then go to the main page and enter the asset you prefer to bet money on:

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

The Bo_Pro strategy is designed to trade short-term options, so after opening the schedule, set the minute timeframe immediately:

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

To get hints, you need to add the BuySellSignal indicator . Open the section with indicators and look for it in public:

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

To make the signals more accurate, you will need to add another indicator called CM_RSI PlusEMA . You will find it in the same section. Just click on its name and you can close the window with indicators. The following lines should appear on your chart:

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

Make sure that you have exactly the same chart opened and the selected indicators are displayed on it, as shown in the example.

When do you need to put money on a trend increase?

Before opening an option Above, you need to wait a certain moment.

Rely on several signals:

  1. Quotes should rise above the BuySellSignal line.
  2. The lines on the CM_RSI PlusEMA must intersect.

To make it easier to understand, look at a vivid example:

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

As soon as you notice this, immediately put money on the appreciation course with a short expiration date. On the chart you can see that after a small decrease in the trend, he again rushed up.

When should I open a trade to reduce the trend?

The "Below" button must be pressed in the opposite situation. Make sure that the quotes have dropped below the line added from the BuySellSignal indicator. On the chart at the bottom, the lines should also intersect:

Option trading strategy Bo_Pro

When testing the Bo_Pro strategy, it was noticed that in 75% of transactions, it is possible to make a profit. No other equipment guarantees 100% winning. For a week of using Bo_Pro, we managed to increase capital by about 15% (not so much, but the numbers are real).

The optimal expiration time in this strategy is 10 minutes. You can use the classic martingale technique to override losing bets.

By the Bo_Pro strategy, you can make good money, but an experienced trader should try several different techniques. Our blog already presents strategies for Usurper, Replicon and Out of Bounds.

Trade differently and draw strengths from each methodology. Alternatively, all available indicators can be used for accurate prediction.

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