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Now by sabzh. Surely during the search for keywords for new projects, you have repeatedly noticed that phrases that consist of several identical words arranged in a different order fall into the list, for example:

  • Restaurant Reviews Seattle
  • Reviews Seattle Restaurants
  • Seattle Restaurant Reviews

(I wanted to take Russian phrases like “buy a game Stalker”, “game Stalker buy”, “Stalker buy a game”, but not I found a fairly popular phrase right away. In any case, this technique works in RuNet as efficiently as in a burzhuneta.)

For all these phrases, the results of issuing are different. On the other hand you can create only one page for these phrases (unless, of course, you are creating a website at a level below average with contextual advertising). And you don’t want to lose traffic from scratch. What do you do?

The answer is given by Rand Fishkin with SEOmoz.

Step 1. Determining the relative popularity of each phrase.

The best way to do this is to use the Google AdWords traffic estimator. This tool allows you to check the relative popularity of phrases for exact query.

Optimization of long key phrases for search traffic - Profit Hunter

The results are as follows:

Optimization of long key phrases for search traffic - Profit Hunter

There is not enough data, but it is still better than nothing. Sort the phrases by popularity and you will find out which phrase to place the main emphasis in the process of page optimization. You can also run phrases through the Keyword Tool.

Optimization of long key phrases for search traffic - Profit Hunter

The tool shows that the popularity of the first two phrases is the same, although the Traffic Estimator clearly gave preference to the first phrase. Anyway, common sense (and the presence of AdWords advertisers) suggests that the phrase Seattle Restaurant Reviews is more popular than the phrase Restaurant Reviews Seattle .

Step 2. Prioritization.

This may seem obvious, but you should focus your efforts on promoting the most popular phrase, even if the competition in it is incomparably higher than in the other two. Your main task - to rise on the main request, the other two will eventually catch up.

Naturally, for the successful promotion of one on-page optimization is not enough. You still need backlinks with the right anchor. For this particular case, Rand advises to contact the restaurants, a review of which will be (or already) posted on the site, and ask to link to the review with the anchor you need. That is, here you have to show a little imagination.

Step 3. Optimization of the page (and site) for different variants of the key phrase.

Approximately like this:

Title : Seattle Restaurant Reviews | Citymoz Reviews | Seattle's Top Restaurants.

URL : citymoz. org / reviews-seattle-restaurants (This is the most difficult phrase in order to somehow optimize the page for it. Getting a link with such an anchor is also not easy. However, using the phrase in the page URL increases your chances of getting into the top of this query. Of course , this technique works only for relatively small sites where the page address is set manually.)

Meta Description: Restaurant Reviews for Seattle, WA. Citymoz tackles deals, dining. in our Seattle restaurant review - get the best (. worst) Seattle has to offer.

Headline (H1) : Seattle Restaurant Reviews.

Headline (H2): The Best. Worst Restaurant Reviews in Seattle.

Using the phrase in the text : Repeating the phrase Seattle Restaurant Reviews 3-4 times in the text and the phrases Reviews Seattle Restaurants and Restaurant Reviews Seattle 2-3 times in the text (phrases should fit harmoniously into the text).

Alt-tag for picture : Citymoz Reviews Seattle Restaurants.

Do not overdo the internal relink, especially with the use of anchors. If you need links with anchors, ask for help from free platforms and article directories.

Step 4. Increment the reference weight with alternating link anchors.

This is the best way to get the site page to the top for different variants of the key phrase. As a rule, competition for such phrases is low, because most sites try to get first places for the most popular phrases. Sometimes only 5-10 links from indexed pages with low PR are enough to get to the top of a phrase like Reviews Seattle Restaurants .


And Rand Fishkin gave advice on how to absolutely find out the popularity of a particular query on Google for a particular area. To do this, you need to create an ad campaign in AdWords for the request of interest and set up such bids and a budget so that the ad lasts on the first page of issue at least a day. The phrase’s popularity will be equal to the number of times your ad is shown.

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