Online service "Socios": review + step by step instructions

Modern people are firmly tied to the Internet. Every average person living in developed countries, at least once a day, looks into the network. Especially popular are social networks.

At these sites, people make new acquaintances, discuss news, share certain experiences, advertise goods and services and etc. Simply put, social networks are a virtual platform where you can not only take a break from everyday worries and share life difficulties, but also build a successful online business.

In this article we will look at a fairly promising electronic platform - "", where there is always a profitable job for students, housewives and other users of the world wide web who are interested in receiving income without leaving the cozy apartments of their own homes.

First, let's discuss the issue of social weight. He has every person in real and virtual life. As practice shows, these indicators often do not coincide, but at the same time a person feels a certain pleasure from achievements in the network.

For example, a quiet neighbor on the contrary never attracted the attention of society, but on the Internet he is a real star, with which thousands of users want to make friends.

Naturally, he lives a virtual life and pays little attention to his neighbors and other people around him in real life. But another person who has decent respect in society tries to avoid communication in the network, and this happens for two reasons:

  • there is no interest in social networks, which is justified by a certain fear of not being noticed or unrecognized in the virtual world;
  • there is no time for communication on the Internet or just a person does not know how to use these resources.

In any case, social weight is important for everyone, and in fact it can be easily reached on the Internet. Why this is necessary and, and here we will tell Socios now!

Online service

Socios Program

The program "Socios" was created in 2011 (the date of registration of the community). This platform allows each user interested in receiving a regular income in social networks to conduct profitable activities and increase their virtual credibility.

Remote work on the Internet is available to everyone, the main thing is to have a profile on one of the social networks of the four proposed:

  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • VKontakte;
  • Instagram.

If a user is registered in all sites at the same time, the chances of getting a high income increase instantly!

Online service

How does the Socios platform work?

The creator of the electronic platform intelligently thought over the activities of Socios. Counting and analysis is carried out using the Social Network API , based on data from personal profiles of registered users. Thus, the manufacturer of the site guarantees the transparency of the system and the confidentiality of all data.

To exclude all sorts of manipulations and markups in Socios, the developers carefully keep secret the algorithm of actions and the formula for success. Simply put, honest earnings in social networks without investments are really provided for here.

How to get your first income on the Socios platform?

As we have said, remote work for students at home, as well as for users of any other age category, connected to social networks.

To start working in this direction, you must register on the electronic platform, after which, a letter will be sent to the specified email address. A link is published in it, following which the user automatically confirms the registration.

Next, the new member of Socios enters the personal account. The following actions:

  1. In your account, you need to connect social networks where there is a registered profile.
  2. Click the button "calculate sociocos", after which information about the personal social weight of the participant in social networks is issued.
  3. Now go to the "Superposition". Customer users can click "my superposition", after which the program will automatically assign a new status. The site "Socios" gives each novice the first superposition, which allows you to automatically get in line. After that, the user may receive a task, the implementation of which makes it possible to increase his own socios.
  4. After receiving the task, the user must accept it (within two days) and proceed to execution. If you do not do this, the funds are sent to the user who created this order, that is, the program participant remains without income.
  5. The task is carried out in social networks on the customer's page, through a personal account.

Online service

What tasks do participants give on the Socios project?

The tasks are fairly easy, every social user can handle them networks: put a comment, like on the customer’s page, add the specified user as a friend, make a repost of the published record, etc.

Remote work on Socios is very simple, you don’t need to have certain knowledge and experience to complete the tasks . Such earnings are often chosen by adolescents, because they regularly “linger out” in social networks and receive income for it - a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure! We also recommend to study "Earn money online via Skype".

Pricing for completing assignments and methods for withdrawing earned money

The minimum cost of a job is 30 rubles , that is, for performing a simple assignment user earns this amount. If there are many participants on the site, the work may come regularly. Sometimes incoming orders are measured in dozens and if you quickly execute them, in just a short period of time you can earn quite good money!

Financial transactions at the Socios site are carried out through the popular money system, Yandex Money. When replenishing a personal account, a small commission is charged (WebMoney and Kivi 6%, Yandex - 5. 5%, with bank cards - 3. 5%).

Withdrawal of earned funds is possible if there is a minimum amount on a personal account - 150 rubles or more. If the participant has set an amount exceeding 1000 rubles for withdrawal, the program performs an automatic check (up to 2 days).

When withdrawing money from the site, a small commission is also charged:

  • to bank cards - 2. 8%, but not less than 30 rubles;
  • to Yandex purse and bank account - 1% of the amount;
  • you can also replenish your mobile phone account (4% is charged for the transfer).

The project also has an agency fee, providing for payment of 5% of the withdrawal amount.

Online service

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Job benefits in social networks with Socios

Many Internet users are often interested in how to make money in your free time — additional income without investments. The project "Socios" is quite interesting for participants of social networks who want to receive regular income for performing simple tasks.

It is possible that many citizens who have a permanent job in real life will also consider this proposal, because the additional opportunity of earning will not prevent anyone!

Well, now let's consider the preferential characteristics of the electronic platform Socios:

  • availability, lack of need for certain knowledge and skills;
  • unlimited number of tasks - unlimited amounts of earnings in the network;
  • the project can be it is used not only as an additional source of income, but also as the main one, which is a special approach IT for users of social networks who are unable to work in real mode (students, moms on maternity leave, high school students, residents of remote communities, disabled people, etc.);
  • thanks to the activity on the resource, you can perfectly raise your own socios;
  • virtual social weight will give confidence in real life.

Socios is a relatively young project, which is gaining popularity among Internet users every day. If you are really interested in working in social networks and increasing your personal social weight, hurry to register on a new electronic platform, where you can not only earn good money, but also lead an active virtual life!

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