Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

Every day more and more gaming sites appear on the network through which you can play for money in the most common games.

Unfortunately, not all of them are honest, so if you decide to try your luck and spend it with passion time, you will have to carefully choose the game portal.

Online games for money with Igrolan, provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to make bets of any size and play several popular games.

Whether you will play for money or just have fun, you will have only positive emotions. This project appeared quite recently, so not everyone knows about it, and there are not so many games on it.

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

The site is closed!

Try your luck with Igrolan

After completing the standard registration, you can replenish your balance to enter the game . This is not difficult to do, and there are quite a few options for replenishing the account:

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

Please note that the minimum amount of replenishment is 10 rubles. As soon as you transfer the money, go to the main page and choose an interesting game for you:

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

Perhaps you know the rules of these games, however, we will tell you more about each of these:

1. KNB.
Standard rock-paper-scissors game, where you can choose one of the combinations and play. You can set your own bet or enter the game with other players:

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

As you can see, the stakes are different, and in the "Subject" column, you can set a stone, scissors or paper. It remains only to click "Play" and soon you will find out whether you will get a win.

2. Sapper.
Not less common game in which you are invited to pass several rows on a special field and not get caught on a mine:

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

This is how the field looks like, and mines in it are placed by other players. Your task is to choose one of the cubes, starting sequentially from the bottom. If you step on a mine, you lose, and if you go through the whole field, you will receive money.

3. Eagle-tails.
There is an heads and tails on a regular coin, and if you throw it up, you cannot say in advance that it will fall. This type of game is based entirely on luck, and the coin "pops up" virtually:

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

Here is also a list of games created with a fixed bet. Simply select one of the items and start the game.

4. Black Jack.
For us, this game is better known as "21". Your main goal is to collect a combination of cards, the sum of which is equal to 21. You need to dial as many as possible, but not overkill (. 21). There is a game between 2 users, with one card open, but until there is a search, you can take as many cards from the deck.

5. Twenty one.
And this is the Russian version of Blackjack, which is slightly different. The essence is the same, you need to collect the number 21 or as close as possible to it, adding the value of each card. The main difference is the face value of large cards. A jack gives 2 points, a lady has 3 points, and a king has 4 points (in a blackjack they give 10 points).

6. Sea battle.
A game that we all played in childhood. Each player is given a field in which you need to install several ships, and then take turns making moves and try to get into the established enemy ships:

Online games for money with Igrolan (site closed)

You can make any bet, number of ships and rules games are no different from ordinary ones.

The money that you can win at Igrolan can only be transferred to Webmoney. The minimum amount is 15 rubles. And make payments every business day, so do not have to wait for them.

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