Online earnings with QwertyPay. How to make money with QwertyPay?

Not many people use the QwertyPay service to make money on the Internet, since this system is not popular enough.

Despite this, the daily income with this system, with the right approach, can be in excess of $ 100. And the main direction of the project is the sale of information products.

Online earnings from is the same as using affiliate program aggregators, for example, Admitad or ActionPay.

After a standard registration in the system, you will get access to various tools with which you can create your own advertising website, monetize already created resources or simply distribute affiliate links.

Online earnings with QwertyPay. How to make money with QwertyPay?

How to make money with QwertyPay?

First you need to go through a simple registration that runs in 2 steps. At first, you will need to specify the email address and immediately check it, so use a working Email:

Online earnings with QwertyPay. How to make money with QwertyPay?

In the second step, you need to fill out a small form:

Online earnings with QwertyPay. How to make money with QwertyPay?

When you click "Register", you will be directed to the created profile, from where you can use all the tools for making money with this system.

Website Designer by QwertyPay

This tool is available for all VIP accounts, as well as for free profiles, which account for more than $ 30. With the help of the constructor, you can launch a free one-page website to attract new partners.

If a user comes to QwertyPay from your one-page website, they have cookies installed and even if he is registered in the future, this will be your referral.

Even attracted people from the mailings to Wmmail can be useful for this, because many of them are gradually reaching higher levels of earnings and it is quite possible that some will start using QwertyPay.

Monetization of the site with QwertyPay

For site owners, this system offers installation of an ad unit. In the corresponding section, you will be able to customize the look of the ad unit, but there are not so many parameters:

Online earnings with QwertyPay. How to make money with QwertyPay?

Initially, the ad unit will be empty, and all product information authors will be able to find your website in the base of QwertyPay and add your own offers. On the image you can see that the link "Add an ad" is on top of the ad unit, anyone can place their ad.

For placing ads, the advertiser pays $ 3, of which you only get a percentage. But, if the sale of information products is completed, you will receive a profit again. In addition, referrals are attracted from ad units, which will be assigned to you.

Selling information products with QwertyPay

You can add your information products to this system, or you can use the catalog and sell other people's products. There are a lot of different info products in the catalog on various subjects:

Online earnings with QwertyPay. How to make money with QwertyPay?

In the image we have highlighted important data on one of the offers. As you can see, BitCoin’s earnings methodology is proposed there. It costs 5. $ 17, and for each sale you get $ 3. 15. Also, if this product sells one of your referrals, you will also be credited with money - 5 cents.

Here you can immediately get an affiliate link that can be indicated on your website, on social networks, on forums and message boards. If you use the boards, be sure to read about Add2Board - auto-listing ads on the network.

Individual conditions are offered for each offer. In the image you can see that other products are sold at a higher price, but the partnership reward increases. Also, they use a different number of referral levels, due to which you can also get decent money.

Making money with QwertyPay is quite realistic, and every product in this aggregator is of high quality, so do not worry that you will receive any complaints.

Earned money can be transferred to Webmoney, after you specify the purse number in your profile, you just have to press the "Withdraw" button and within 15 minutes all funds will be transferred to your virtual wallet.

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