Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

Even those who have never tried to earn money on the Runet’s open spaces know that informational articles are especially popular on the Internet.

They pay for creative flour in different ways: the price is influenced by the literary quality of the material and the theme chosen by the author , and the author's reputation, and the degree of "promotion".

Articles on the net are most often bought "by weight": the price is calculated based on the cost of one thousand characters. As a result, long articles are more expensive, short ones are cheaper, although there are often exceptions to this rule.

The ability to write well comes with experience. You can develop talent in the quiet of a home office in a couple of months, mastering one of the most sought-after virtual professions.

Many people are afraid to start, waiting for strict editorial quotes from customers: the fear of losing faith in yourself after the first failure stops many.

You should not be afraid of something, and you should not be afraid of the exaggerated requirements for texts in Runet: even the most sloppy written verses find a new owner. As for the works written carefully, the demand for them in Runet was, is and will be.

To develop writing skills, you should start by rewriting other people's texts in your own words. This type of activity has a special name - it is called "rewrite", which in English means "rewriting". Rewrite is in great demand in Runet.

Getting to work, find a good source: you should take as a basis only high-quality texts written in good language and containing useful information. By making the rewrite of good articles, you will accumulate erudition and learn to present information in an interesting and coherent way.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

Content Exchange

So you decided and wrote your first texts. You are a beginner, and are ready to sell the results of labor for any price: just to take, and at the same time appreciate the quality and add to the list of bona fide authors with whom you can cooperate. It's time to visit one of the content exchanges. Content Exchange is an online resource that helps authors and buyers of articles to meet. The exchange lives at the expense of the commission, the size of which most often amounts to 10% of the sale price of the content.

After registering, which takes only a few minutes, it makes sense to spend a little more time and set up an account, adding information about yourself.

First of all, it would not be superfluous to write a few words about your professional skills, hobbies and interests: some buyers are interested in the author’s personality before buying, and if they are satisfied, they are doubly interested.

Secondly, you must specify the billing information - the numbers of virtual wallets, which can be withdrawn earned over time. All exchanges make transfers to wallets in the system: without having an account in this system, it is almost impossible to earn money on the Runet.

The second and third place in the list of electronic payment systems are divided and. In these systems, you also need to register on the wallet: they may be needed in case of problems with WebMoney. When registering a wallet with Qiwi, keep in mind that it will be tied to a mobile phone number, in order to confirm the rights to which you will need to present an agreement with a telecom operator.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

Where is it better to sell?

A completely reasonable question, because there are at least a dozen of popular content exchanges on Runet. The most democratic is where you can open a trade "from scratch", immediately after registration. This exchange has existed for a long time and attracts buyers with the opportunity to buy text of any quality at almost any price .

Cheap texts written by inexperienced amateurs and schoolchildren are the most popular there.

Advego has a forum where you can ask questions of the administration, as well as create your own topic and advertise articles for sale. Advego Commission - 10%, which will be automatically added to your price. The main disadvantage of Advego is the difficulty of changing payment details .

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

The exchange ranks second in the list of popular content sellers. Before you put an article for sale, the administration of Etxt requires to increase the rating, earning 100 rubles. Do not want to write for a penny - it does not matter! You can put 100 rubles on the account and open a trade.

This restriction is introduced as an additional protection against semi-literate "schoolchildren" littering Runet with poor-quality articles. The accounts of the "literate" block, but they do not give up and are re-registered ... Like on Advego, texts pass a pre-sale check , but on Etxt some texts are checked without the participation of the editor, automatically. The same commission is charged not from the buyer, but from both parties to the transaction: the author’s fee will be deducted 5%, and the buyer will pay 5%.

You can advertise yourself and your articles with short ads, which are published in a special section on the main page. "Lift" the icon with the text is 10 rubles. When the advertisement "drowns" and crawls down, the ad can be raised again by paying 10 rubles again. It is curious that on average only one out of twenty users use the advertising opportunities of the resource.

The third number in the list is a service that many people know by the built-in uniqueness checker. Exchange Text. ru is actively trading in articles, but be prepared to meet with a very tough (on the verge of cruelty) verification.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

The moderators find fault with each comma, often trying to argue in ambiguous situations. Their inflexibility is explained simply: rejected text - an extra tick in the author's file. When there are a lot of ticks, the exchange will not take off 10% of the sale price, but much more.

This is how it earns from the "integrity of the moderators." However, some authors manage to sell their texts there without getting out of the threshold for sending for revision, which is allowed by the rules. A tough check hits the pockets of authors who know little Russian, but allows buyers to purchase articles whose literacy is beyond doubt. The error is easier to find in a long article, so it’s easiest to start a career there with small notes.

How to choose the best exchange?

There are buyers on the three exchanges listed by us and the texts are actively sold. The easiest way to determine the best exchange is to work for some time on each of them, because the “best” is a subjective and relative concept. Someone likes fast withdrawal of money, for someone the speed of withdrawal of earnings is not critical.

There are no general rules, although many believe that the rigor of checking texts put up for sale implies the ability to sell them at higher prices. This is not the case at the same time: seriously, the author’s competence and style influences the price of the text, and even the most competent moderator cannot assess these parameters.

We believe that the main positive feature of the network resource is the adequacy of the administration and customer support services. In addition, some exchanges are guided solely by the interests of buyers: in case of disagreement, the administration almost always takes the side of money, and the interests of the contractor are ignored.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

Can I sell content on several exchanges at the same time?

Yes, many people do. There is nothing wrong in this, but there is a rule that must be strictly followed: one text should fall only in one hand . An important parameter in the sale is uniqueness, and soon after publication, the text ceases to be unique.

If the article is sold to several buyers, only one of them will acquire unique content, while others will not be able to use it on their resources. This conflict is very likely to lead to complaints that reflect badly on your reputation. On some exchanges for the repeated sale of one text in different places the account of the artist is blocked.

If you bought your text on one of the exchanges, immediately remove it from the sale where it was sold in parallel.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

Not for sale! What is my mistake and what to do about it?

If you do not take into account the quality of the texts themselves, the newbies make three main mistakes by displaying content on the exchanges.

We list the situations that seriously inhibit sales.

  1. About the author is not known, and the price of the article is too high. If you just came to the stock exchange, set prices slightly below average. The same approach should be used by beginners who have managed to sell several articles. If you have sold more than a hundred articles, you can set average prices. If your lyrics are really good, try to put them at prices above average.
  2. The sale is poorly framed. The annotation does not reflect the content of the article, the meaning is not concentrated in the title, and a small fragment that buyers see is highlighted poorly. In this case, you should delete the article and arrange the sale again.
  3. The article is devoted to an uninteresting topic. This is the most common mistake that almost all beginners make. It seems to the beginner that a rare article should attract. Not. Firstly, such a text is rarely seen by anyone. Secondly, the buyer will not grasp and ponder over what you have written: it is a pity to that. Therefore, you should write about what is interesting to the reader, and about what attracts the interest of buyers of articles.

    It makes sense to write about a subject that is well known, but only if it is interesting to others. Articles on popular topics fly like hot cakes. Articles on topics that are not related to commerce may not be sold for years.Write about everything that is related to money, and your texts will be interested much more actively.

Under item 1, a slight clarification should be made. Sometimes sales slow down not only overpriced, but also low prices. Many buyers of quality content are accustomed to focus on price, and basically do not take what is offered for a penny. If things are going badly, and time suffers, try to raise prices by a half to two times.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

What is more important - rating or portfolio?

Portfolio - a personal section in which the author presents previously completed work - should be filled in at the very beginning, if the resource interface provides such an opportunity. The portfolio compensates for the lack of information about the artist and the quality of the articles he offers.

Several texts (a dozen will be quite enough) will help buyers evaluate your literary talents, as well as the level of competence in the chosen subject. If you are writing about sports, your portfolio should contain sports articles. If you are writing about earnings, place a few texts on the "mercantile" theme. Portfolio is a testament to the performer’s professionalism, but in order to marvel at the highest quality of the works on display, the buyer must get to your profile.

Rating is a great opportunity to attract attention in case of high competition. Tens of thousands of buyers and tens of thousands of performers are registered on major exchanges. Having a high rating (or even better - a position on the first page of the list of performers), you can set high prices and declare yourself as a professional of the highest standard. The rating is also a guarantee of quality: for the sale of bad articles on most exchanges are usually punished. A bunch of "rating + portfolio" works perfectly.

Note that low quality articles in the portfolio do not look the best way . Choosing between "bad" and "nothing", it is better to choose "nothing". If you write as Mark Twain, it is better to find a job not on the network, where prices are relatively low, but in an advertising agency or an editorial board of a major publication.

Online earnings: how and where to sell an article to a newbie?

How quickly do articles go on exchanges?

It is definitely impossible to answer this question. There are periods of "lull", sometimes for weeks nothing is sold. Sometimes shoppers make raids and can buy up half of the exhibited texts in one night.

Suppose you are selling the first article written on a popular topic. If the price is adequate, most likely the text will be bought within a week. Some articles may hang on the exchanges for years, but ... do not be surprised! Over time, such texts find a buyer.

For the sales process to go smoothly, there should be a lot of articles on sale, and prices should be medium. Many authors keep in store one hundred, two hundred, sometimes - more than three hundred articles. The more texts you put on the sale, the more often the system message that is dear to your heart will come: "Bought your article!" The more texts will be on sale, the more buyers will learn about your existence.

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