Online casinos are prohibited in America

Using the services of a virtual casino, many people are interested in how the state of different countries treats them.

Now you can see how a huge number of gambling sites hit the roster and became unavailable in Russia. However, some of them continue to exist.

Gambling in the United States was banned as early as 2006. Congress supported the initiative to stop the waste of citizens who could lose all their property through the Internet.

The capital of America in the field of gambling is Las Vegas, this turn of events is quite satisfactory, since it causes an increased interest in their activities.

Online casinos are prohibited in America

The bitter struggle against virtual gambling has already turned into a war. Punishment is received not only by the creators of gaming sites, but also by those who use them.

Thus, the organizer of a virtual casino can receive up to 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of $ 2500 . Players receive a similar penalty, and half a prison can be added to it.

Most European countries have the same opinion about gambling.

Therefore, they are prohibited in many places, but after the survey it turned out that Americans often gamble and put money in bookmaker offices. They also want to have fun and tickle your nerves.

How do they manage to play? Now came up with an interesting scheme for the legalization of gambling. Online casinos are registered in those countries where it is allowed, so the law is not violated by the organizers.

There is no punishment for participating in gambling in Russia, so you can easily visit a virtual casino and spend time with interest.

Online casinos are prohibited in America

Gambling business in Russia and America

There are no cities like Las Vegas in our homeland, all real casinos are prohibited. But, through the Internet you can play on many sites.

Some of them have already entered the registry, but in order to remove the blocking, it is enough to log in through another IP. The fact that the casino got into the registry does not yet indicate its bad faith, but you can’t trust everyone.

If you want to spend time at gambling, it is better to use reputable casinos:

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As an option, you can play on a Russian-language resource, where a large variety of small gambling games is offered. Roulettes and poker are not there, but there is a machine 777, the well-known game Kamikaze and much more.

Poker is one of the gambling games to which prohibitions are less often applied (in America they constantly play this card game).

In Russia it is much easier to play online gambling than in most states of America. On the one hand, this is additional entertainment, on the other hand, everyone knows that casinos are addictive and this is not treated.

It is possible that in a few more years, Russia will follow the example of America and also ban online gambling.

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