One of a kind affiliate program for bourgeois education traffic - Profit Hunter

After two months of beta tests, the affiliate program for education traffic, namely for promoting the service of writing various course and diploma works for American and English students, opened its registration.

Edu-profit. com - converts traffic using keywords such as buy essay, writing service, write my paper, do my homework and others. Webmasters receive from 10% to 30% of the order, as usual, depending on the volume. The average order price for the system is $ 80. This means that an average webmaster with a 20% rate will receive $ 16 per order. On average, there are 20 orders per 1000 unikov, respectively, the profit from 1k varies around $ 300. Every 10 orders usually cost more than 1000 dollars.

Below is a screenshot of the statistics of a regular webmaster with a rate of 10% of the order:

One of a kind affiliate program for bourgeois education traffic - Profit Hunter

In this screenshot, one of the weakest adverts is obviously given during testing of the system with the indicator $ 102. 63 for 1000 unique. If the volume of even this advert increases and its rate reaches at least 20%, then this is already $ 205 for 1k of traffic.

Interest is charged as follows:

  • . 10 orders per day - 10%
  • 10-30 orders per day - 15%
  • 30-100 orders per day - 20%
  • . 100 orders per day - 25%

For webmasters who have worked with the system without removing traffic, and with a volume of 100+ sales for 6 months - 30%


We have been working in this niche for more than 5 years and we have good volumes of our own traffic, where we have been refining the conversion for years and have raised our staff of 60 calipers and about 15 management people, building a competent company structure. At the moment, we realized that we have reached the maximum envelope in this niche compared to competitors, and in this connection we want to invite webmasters to take part in this new and not quite divided “pie”.

We are aware that this is not PPC, not adult and not software, many webmasters will not, because we will convert a narrow niche and, accordingly, are aimed at putting together a small group of webmasters who will share the whole this market. According to our calculations in this niche is not more than 100,000 unik a day. We offer a huge number of tools so that each serious webmaster can create his so-called full shop and get a stable income in a stable and white niche.

P. S.: We did not want to shine this niche for a long time, so that it would not be spammed and spoiled, but the time has come, skim the cream, friends - Edu-profit. com.

* The article is advertising in nature and was not written by the author of this blog.

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