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All novice traders want to learn how to trade binary options. This is the easiest tool for working with Forex, however, making forecasts requires a competent approach.

It is not necessary to be an economist to make assumptions about price changes.

The one day trading options strategy, which you will learn from this article, is designed for one or two transactions per day. Everyone can select at least an hour to make a bet and at the end of the same day, make a profit. With a high yield and a decent rate, profits will be high.

One-Day Options Trading Strategy | Workion. ru

Binary options trading, simple strategy

Based on different data from reliable sources, you can make a correct forecast as quickly as possible. It is easy to find economic news on the net, track recent currency rate changes, and so on. This is quite enough to make a correct prediction.

Apply the strategy on the broker sites


, they are honest, proven and provide the right analytics.

To start trading, you need to determine which currency has had a one-way trend in recent days.

Simply put, choose quotes where the chart stably goes down or up. You can see the charts on the website in the "Quotes" section.

For the example, we chose a currency pair:

One-Day Options Trading Strategy | Workion. ru

Note that 1 week has been selected, as you can see, the trend is going down. Therefore, it can be assumed that the course will continue to fall, but this information is not enough to make the right decision.

On the same site, in the “Tools” section, there is an economic calendar, through it check events that are significant for the economy. They may break the trend direction, so you need to make sure that nothing like this is foreseen:

One-Day Options Trading Strategy | Workion. ru

Although this binary options trading strategy does not involve the use of indicators, there will be nothing to see the tips. Different data is collected on the machine and on their basis, the software complex gives a hint whether it is worth buying a currency or while the best moment to sell it:

One-Day Options Trading Strategy | Workion. ru

According to technical analysis, you need to actively sell currency , which means that its course will continue to fall. Everything has to open a binary option with a EUR / USD currency pair for a fall.

We go to the broker's website (I use only myself) and bet:

One-Day Options Trading Strategy | Workion. ru

Applying this strategy to binary options for the day is not difficult, and if you don't fuss and carefully choose assets, most bets will be winning.

Of course, like any other technique, it is not perfect and losses are permissible, although they occur extremely rarely if assets are wisely chosen:

One-Day Options Trading Strategy | Workion. ru

Trading tactics not new, many use it to conduct transactions, and professionals always check the data, even if a strategy is applied. Do not be lazy to make deals every morning, and in the evening collect profits .

Through binary options, it is possible to earn only patient traders who are in no hurry and choose carefully what to put money on.

Replenish their ranks, use the simplest method of asset selection, it does not take long to learn, and the analyst is laid out in the public domain.

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