One-Click Info Sales with eShop Script

Monetization of the site is possible in many ways, and recently webmasters increasingly prefer to sell their own infoproducts.

For any topic, you can record a training course, write an e-book, manual, build a database and prepare others electronic goods.

The script for selling information products is installed on any websites and allows you to automate the procedure of payment and transfer of the product.

It is written in PHP, does not require work with databases. All that is required to use it is hosting that supports PHP (and this is almost all hosting providers).

One-Click Info Sales with eShop Script

How to automate the sale of information products?

Anyone involved in the infobusiness often lacks a standard set of engine functions. In this case, you have to look for plugins and scripts.

Using eShop Script, it is easy to solve the problem with sales of any goods. Your customers will pay for the products themselves and then receive a link to download them.

To make a profitable infobusiness, you need to use everything that helps save time.

Professionals choose eShop Script for a number of reasons:

  • any newcomer will install it, no connections to databases and other problems;
  • for receiving money is used by Robokassa or Webmoney;
  • buyers can offer their price for the goods;
  • suitable for selling any electronic goods;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • convenient management system;
  • Google Analytics is connected for statistics;
  • intuitive product cards.

He also has disadvantages, users are asked to add more payment systems, add rating of goods and other functions.

The script can be edited, if you need any original tools, contact the professionals at, they will upgrade the code and add anything.

The best eShop Script sales script

Naturally, such a powerful tool for infobusinessmen is not distributed for free. There is a script 19. $ 9 (approximately 1300 rubles). If you are already conducting sales of goods, you should understand that this is not so much money:

One-Click Info Sales with eShop Script

When you buy it, you will find out how it all works. The script is sold through it, and the official website presents examples of product clearance and how the sale procedure takes place.

First, the buyer sees the product card, where the button for the purchase with the specified price is located:

One-Click Info Sales with eShop Script

After pressing the button, it is sent to payment page. If the payment is made, then after it the buyer is sent back to the product, where they express gratitude for the purchase and the Download button appears:

One-Click Info Sales with eShop Script

Run the script, even separately from its sites. The link to the product page can be published anywhere, starting with forums and ending with social networks. You don’t have to do anything yourself, in the settings you will see the details where money is transferred from sales.

You can find eShop Script on the Internet for free, but no one can guarantee its quality, use hacked scripts at your own peril and risk. His price is not so high, so it’s better not to take risks, especially since it’s an important moment in doing business.

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