Offshore Cash Cards

In many countries, the government is trying to track citizens ’electronic payments and is releasing more and more laws that limit our options.

Surely you have heard that payment systems must now verify the passport details of customers, this is required by the new law in the Russian Federation .

After the release of this law, people began to wonder where to order offshore cards on the Internet? There are several options for obtaining a plastic card and in this article we will talk about the best options.

Also, we will present some features of such cards to you so that you know about pitfalls.

Offshore Cash Cards

Offshore card for cash withdrawals

The best way to make anonymous payments on the Internet is to use Bitcoin currency (Bitcoin earnings) and others cryptocurrency. They do not have centralized bases, so there is no technical support and there is no possibility to order a special card. This is their main drawback, but there are alternatives.

Now several companies are involved in issuing offshore cards - Payeer, Advanced Cash, OkPay, MoneyPoloe, ePayments. On their sites you can apply for a plastic card, here are some conditions:

Offshore Cash Cards

If you wish, you can issue several cards at once and share your money between them so as not to attract attention. Please note that they are issued in those countries where laws are softer for e-commerce.

Features of offshore cards

The main advantage of such cards is anonymity , but they have enough minuses. Before we provide you with detailed information on each payment system, and you begin to issue cards, familiarize yourself with important factors:

  • mainly, on such cards there is a balance in pounds, dollars and euros. It is desirable to display this particular currency;
  • the second paragraph is a continuation of the first. If you withdraw a currency that differs from the one in which the balance is kept, you will have to pay an additional commission;
  • fees for offshore cards are more often fixed than interest, therefore it is more profitable to conduct operations with large amounts; ready to pay absolutely all actions. They even take money for changing the password, closing the account or checking the balance;
  • in most cases, opening a card requires paying money, as well as paying for its service and each withdrawal of funds.

All cards are issued by VISA and MasterCard payment systems, so I would just like to say that there will be no problems with withdrawing funds. Through any ATM you can get money, only commissions may vary.

Offshore Cash Cards

Offshore payment system cards in Runet

If you need a card for anonymous payments, you can order it in several bills. We have already listed them a little higher, now let's take a closer look:

  1. - verification is not necessary to get a card, but in this case you cannot withdraw more than $ 1000 from it and spend more than $ 1500 on purchases . There is no money to pay for the issue, payment is only for delivery. All funds on the card will be insured by a European company. Transfer funds from Webmoney will not work directly, but when withdrawing take a commission of 5. 3% (if in dollars, then 3. 4%).
  2. - register with the payment service and order a card issue within 7 days, otherwise its issue will cost 3 times more. Verification is required necessarily. The transfer from the wallet to the card is accompanied by a commission of 99 cents, and the withdrawal from an ATM will take another $ 1.99. You can make a direct withdrawal of funds from Webmoney to the card, but when receiving funds from an ATM, a commission of 6. 6% will be charged.
  3. - verify after registering with this payment system and order a card for only $ 15. It makes no sense to pay for express delivery, the card comes in a month. Each transfer from a wallet to a card deducts $ 3, and you have to pay 2% for withdrawals. The card is valid for 2 years, but if it is not used for 10 months, $ 10 is charged. You can withdraw money only in dollars, but the percentage is only 1. 8%.

Evaluate all the conditions and carefully look at the table presented above to select the option that suits you.

Offshore Cash Cards

If you decide to use offshore cards, because you are afraid of taxation, read the article about taxes and earnings on the Internet. Perhaps you overestimate your income and there is no cause for concern.

When using offshore cards you have to pay large sums, both for their issue (or delivery) and for commissions. You have to sacrifice something for the sake of anonymity, although if you are not a crook, then you have nothing to fear.

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