Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy

All webmasters want to get the maximum profit from their projects, but not everyone can find a good service to monetize websites.

There are many users on the network who want to order ads on websites but do not use advertising services. You can give them that opportunity.

Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy. ru is the best option to attract the attention of direct advertisers and receive money.

At the top of our website there is an advertising line, if you click on "Add your ad here," a form will open through which you can set your advertising line and pay for it, everything is exactly the same, only the formats are much larger.

Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy

Monetizing the site through Oyy

It is enough to register and get a special code that you install on the site to display the ad unit size. You can put contextual ads, banners or picads on your website (pictures of 22 * ​​22 pixels).

The stub looks like this:

Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy

If you already have an advertiser, others will still be able to know what you are offering direct advertising, as there will be a special link below the block:

Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy

When an advertiser follows a link or a free banner, a window opens with a form for ordering advertising. You do not need to do anything, advertising is ordered on the full machine:

Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy

At the top you are asked to load a banner, and in addition, you need to specify a title, specify the address where users will be sent and leave an email address. The amount that is displayed here is set by the site owner.

You can specify any value, at least 100, at least 100,000 rubles per month of advertising. There are not many payment methods here - it is Webmoney, via SMS or bank cards.

If the advertiser pays with electronic money, you get 85% of the amount, and if the payment is made via SMS, then you get 85% of half the amount. Payment by SMS can be turned off in your profile, on the one hand, you limit yourself to a large commission, but on the other hand, you can lose some advertisers.

You can withdraw money from 250 rubles to Yandex. Money and Webmoney. The money is credited to the account depending on the chosen mode of earnings:

  • if there was an order for a certain time of advertising (for example, a month), rewards are charged partially for each day;
  • for payment for ad impressions, payment is made after each impression;
  • if you choose to pay for clicks, you will receive money from each transition.

The only negative side of using the service is the lack of moderation of advertising. It is added on the full machine, so your site may not show suitable ads. You can solve this problem by filing a complaint through your account or by blocking the site address.

I would like to say separately about the pickups, which are not very popular due to the low interest of advertisers. A block with small pictures is set up as a regular ad:

Offer to advertise on your site with Oyy

Finding a place on your site for such a block is not difficult, but you are unlikely to find many advertisers to fill in all areas.

In general, it is a useful and convenient tool for making money on any website. If for various reasons you cannot monetize your project through advertising networks, attract direct advertisers, it is quite possible that this will bring you the main income.

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