Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

What are the methods of rapid enrichment you know? Most answer this question without hesitation, calling the lottery.

Millions of people play in them, and the units win, what's the secret? Some will say that they are just lucky, others will try to calculate the expectation, but only astrologers will explain the reason for winning with details.

Numerology and lotteries are closely interconnected, because in both of these areas, numbers decide everything.

If you approach the question from the mathematical side, you will be disappointed in the lotteries, because the probability of winning is too small. But astrologers claim that this is not the most important thing, there are other success factors.

Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

Astrology in lotteries

Even after carrying out subtle calculations, many mathematicians are surprised at how astrologers manage to identify favorites. Numerology is a whole science, to understand it is not easy, but some are sure that only astronomical signs speak of the presence of fortune.

Everyone has such a friend who is constantly lucky. He will win the lottery, he will find money, and he will be offered lucrative offers. Randomness - say skeptics, harmonious connection of Jupiter and Uranus - astrologers will say.

If a person has Jupiter and Uranus in his horoscope, he is predisposed to get rich. Jupiter has long been considered the "benefactor", bringing people financial well-being. Uranus is a planet of surprises, and their union indicates unexpected enrichment.

To find out which planets are in your horoscope, you need to turn to a professional. Consulting with experts is available at


Even if after communicating with an astrologer you find out that the propensity for unexpected well-being is high, do not rush to buy tickets. Perhaps you will not win the lottery, and in your life there will be another case by which you will get rich.

Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

Where to play the lottery online?

There are quite a lot of lottery sites, but the casino advantage is much higher than the players' chances.

To participate in the fair lottery, use one of the verified, official sites. Only he is allowed in Russia by law and does not violate any laws.

Surely you had to switch channels and accidentally stumble upon a Russian Lotto broadcast. It is still shown on television, and tickets are sold in real stores.

This is not a hoax, people really win, so participation in such sweepstakes is not prohibited:

Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

Tickets for the Russian Lotto are also offered on the Stoloto website. Users can choose which ticket and how much to buy.

The site contains all the popular Russian lotteries that are held officially. You can find out more about them on the official website; instructions for beginners are also available there:

Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

Why look for real ticket sales points when you can buy them in any quantity via the Internet. Participation can be taken immediately in all lotteries, tickets are different.

First you need to register on the site, then select the lottery and select the numbers for which you want to bet:

Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

The conditions depend on which particular lottery you decide to play. The example above is taken from the state lotto 6 out of 45.

It is held twice a day, at the moment the jackpot exceeds 177 million rubles. But someone will break it and become fabulously rich, you also have the opportunity to become a winner.

Numerology in lotteries will not help you if you use dishonest sites. In addition, all other resources are prohibited by Roskomnadzor, so if you cheat, you will not prove anything. Play only on

, everything is fair there.

Ordinary people win substantial sums and expensive cars. If there is an opportunity to get rich and spend only 100 rubles for this, then why not take advantage of it.

You will not lose much if you lose, and if you are lucky, you will start a new life, carefree and well-off:

Numerology and lottery. Astrology in lotteries

Everyone decides how to collect a combination of numbers for the lottery. Someone uses programs for lotteries, some "catch the signs of fate" when they meet numbers on TV, on car numbers and so on.

But most of those who believe that winning the lottery depends on something, trust in numerology and astrologers .

It is difficult to speculate on how astrology is associated with gambling and in particular with lotteries. Nevertheless, it is better to foresee all possibilities to achieve a win and take advantage of them, than simply to hope for good luck.

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