Notepad plugin Notepad (QuickFox) for browser

When earning money on the Internet, it is important to install all the necessary tools and set up a browser.

Thanks to the huge number of extensions, you can now add a lot of different functions to the browser. This will not only increase the comfort of the work, but also reduce the time costs.

Browser Notebook is one of the most useful tools that periodically comes in handy to all Internet workers. Using a simple plug-in, you can add a notepad to the browser and, if necessary, open a simple text document, making various entries ( links, notes, passwords).

Notepad plugin Notepad (QuickFox) for browser

Notepad plugin for browser

One of the most popular extensions of notepad is the add-on. It is suitable for FireFox Mozilla (download), but you can search for analogues for other browsers. It is installed as standard, click on the Add to Firefox button and confirm the addition of the extension:

Notepad plugin Notepad (QuickFox) for browser

After that, a new icon will appear in the browser control panel. You can click on it and select one of the notepad functions in the browser:

Notepad plugin Notepad (QuickFox) for browser

The main convenience of this extension is the ability to open the document directly in the browser window (as a frame). Due to this, you can continue to surf sites and when it is required, add a variety of information.

Notebook for the browser is sure to be useful to anyone who performs tasks on Wmmail and Seosprint. When you need to visit several pages of the site or send invitations to your friends to join the group, you have to make a big report for the advertiser.

With the help of an open notepad in the browser, it will be much more convenient for you to collect reporting data:

Notepad plugin Notepad (QuickFox) for browser

You choose how much space in the browser does the notepad , and if it will be inconvenient for you to use it in this way, start it in a new tab (the new window mode is no different from using a regular notebook).

You can make a quality work tool from any browser, especially since many different plugins are now available. In conclusion, we advise you to install the P2P plugin. BZ, which will open a small banner in the browser, and you will be charged for it (suitable for all browsers).

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