Not quality links, which links should I give up?

Links are always used in website promotion; all webmasters and optimizers are aware that this has a positive effect on the promotion of sites. Increasing the reference mass, it is necessary not only to be based on their quantity, but also on quality.

After the release of the last Google algorithm, a huge number of sites were lowered in the output, and the main reason for this phenomenon was a high concentration of non-quality links .

When buying and installing links manually, you must take into account many factors. High concentration of keywords in links links can also lead to penalties in the form of a site under filters.

Search engines have long since begun to struggle with artificially gaining a reference mass, so it is necessary to strive for a natural look for a reference mass.

Not quality links, which links should I give up?

Which links should you give up when promoting?

  • Links from directories.
  • Links from linkwashing (sites with a large number of links).
  • Bezankornye links placed in separate blocks of the page.
  • Links received by sharing.
  • Links in non-quality press releases.

If you do not want to experience problems in the future, think about the quality of the links now. After the last update of the Google algorithm, even trust resources with impressive puzomerki came under filters.

Not quality links, which links should I give up?

Non-quality promotion companies

Webmasters often turn to various companies and freelance optimizers without even reading reviews about their activities. The low cost of building up the link mass should be a reason for suspicion.

Non-quality links can only harm your resource, and this should not be allowed. Site optimization should be performed at the highest level, the admission of errors in this area entails a lot of problems.

I would like to pay particular attention to low-quality links, which are obtained through manual placement. The network has a wealth of information on how to get a large number of links from DoFollow blogs, forums and directories.

Do you think search engine developers are so stupid as not to take into account such an increase in the reference mass? Of course, they have bots that parse these resources and collect a certain base. Calling links in the comments of blogs and quality forums left on the forums is difficult, and they bring very little efficiency.

Instead of manually posting non-quality links, do some work (for example, write a couple of articles) and buy a quality link with the money you earn. Let you get 1-2 links of high quality, and not 50-100 of not high-quality links, the effectiveness of this will be much greater.

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