Not all photos should be poured into the social. network

The pages on social networks have long been started to use as a platform for making money.

For the money they place advertisements, by the way, on

they recently allowed adding accounts from Instagram. But in order to be in demand among advertisers, you must first engage in the promotion of profiles.

What photos pushes subscribers? In Instagram people subscribe to view downloaded pictures.

Similarly, many people submit applications in other social networks. If you want to make money on your pages, it is better to immediately figure out which pictures should be published, and which ones should be kept in memory .

Not all photos should be poured into the social. network

Not so long ago on our blog appeared the article "Extraction of traffic from Instagram bots." It presented an interesting way to attract the target audience.

In order for profiles to bring a lot of traffic, they also have to be promoted, and the main method is publishing content. If you do not want subscribers to run up, never add:

  1. One-type bunch of selfies that are just uninteresting to view. It is clear that each picture is unique, different posture, grimace on the face, angle, lighting, and so on, but people are not interested in watching the same thing.
  2. Photos from uninteresting places, like for example, you walked around the supermarket with friends. It will be much more effective if you upload photos near places of interest or events.
  3. There are practically no different pictures from each other, where only you are depicted. Surely you met such profiles, where leafing through the photos you can not see anything interesting, except for one person, with minor changes.
  4. Pictureless pictures that do not carry any meaning. Think for yourself if someone is interested in how you just took pictures in the mirror. Much more likes collect images with unusual content.
  5. Photos taken too much can also cause many formal replies. Most often this is done by girls who want to remove various flaws, but dolls and obviously edited images are much worse than real photos.
  6. In the continuation of the previous paragraph, if you do not shine with beauty, you should not “beat” at all on this. Well-groomed hair and a little make-up doing their job. Even popular guys use cosmetics to get high-quality shots.

Try to look for a suitable case as often as possible to take an original photo. Sometimes for this you have to change your usual life, go for a walk, to the park of miracles, to the store for new clothes and so on.

Also remember that for yourself it is better to take several identical shots in order to choose the best one and add it to the page.

Not all photos should be poured into the social. network

Even if you do not have a popular account on Instagram, we strongly recommend reading the article on how to make money on Instagram.

Anyone can monetize their profile on social networks, and the more subscribers there are, the easier it is to do it.

For a start, you may find it helpful to add subscribers to Instagram, and the services mentioned in this article are also suitable for attracting subscribers to other social networks.

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