Nordfx - binary options broker review

You want to earn a lot, but you can’t find the right option? Binary options can be your main source of profit.

Forex transactions provide so much profit that successful traders forever abandon their normal work. It is easier to spend one profitable bid than work all day.

A binary options broker, this is a great company for fair trading.

It has been working since 2008 and, despite its foreign origin, there is Russian here. Unfortunately, some sections were left without translation, although this is not a problem, the trading platform is simple and convenient.

Nordfx - binary options broker review

How to make money with Nordfx?

You cannot make a lot of money on binary options until you understand all the intricacies of trading. Especially for novice users, we have the article "Binary options, where to start?".

If to explain in a simple way, then these are bets similar to those held in bookmaker offices. Only here it is not sports events that are used, but quotations. For example, the exchange rate of which currency will rise or whose shares will rise in price.

Nordfx runs an action, bonuses from 25% to 150% are credited to deposits, depending on the amount of replenishment.

You can talk about the broker for a long time, but it is better to provide instructions for beginners. If you have ever traded options, then quickly figure it out.

Beginners will need this manual:

  1. After registration, you need to replenish the balance. There are a lot of options to choose from, starting with bank cards and ending with payment systems:
  2. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  3. To switch to trading, you must select binary options in your account. There you will also find other important sections:
  4. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  5. Then you need to choose how the trade is conducted. If you do not replenish the balance, you can trade with a demo account. Get any amount, test strategies, train, gain invaluable experience:
  6. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  7. The broker offers clients several types of options, you need to choose them depending on the strategy. Faster than all, you can earn at 60 second rates. In the form, you need to select an asset, specify the time of closing the option and the amount of the bet:
  8. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  9. By clicking on the Call or Put buttons, you open a bet to reduce the schedule or its growth. Before opening an option, you need to confirm your actions:
  10. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  11. Make sure that the bet is made correctly and after that, press Enter so that the binary option is open:
  12. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  13. Your bet appears under all betting forms. You can open several options, then several entries will appear:
  14. Nordfx - binary options broker review
  15. Wait until the expiration time is up, then check the statistics. Profit is instantly credited to the balance:
  16. Nordfx - binary options broker review

It is extremely easy to conduct transactions, but only professionals can determine where exactly the schedule will go. Get all the necessary knowledge and start trading. In our section on binary options, there are many useful articles.

It is possible to trade binary options on Nordfx without investments. Invite customers through an affiliate program, get a minimum of 1. 5% of the turnover for each transaction.

The Nordfx broker has only one drawback - these are partly not translated sections. It does not interfere with the conduct of transactions, and payments from the site come without delay. Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to find a decent company, Nordfx is a proven and stable broker .

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