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Non-standard approach to the choice of a domain name - Profit Hunter Meet the first guest post on the ProfitHunter blog. ru.

The author of the article is Denis Golovach, the creator and host of the blog GolDenOne. ru.

I think every webmaster at least once had a problem: how to come up with an original and memorable name for the site? How to name the site so that visitors can easily remember it and then type in the address bar of the browser? How to choose a domain if all the interesting ones are already taken?

Today I will try to help you with the solution of these problems. There are many paths, but I will show you one of them, in my opinion, the most original and infrequently used. And first, let's decide what helps the user quickly remember the name of the site? Immediately point by point:

  1. Domain Length . Agree that onemilliondollarshistory domain. com is more difficult to type and remember than ziza. ru. From here we conclude that short domains are remembered easier. That's the way the human brain works.
  2. Associativity . For example, a hahaha domain is more suitable for a humor site. ru or bugaga. ru, than microsoft. com. How do you disagree?
  3. Transliteration . Not everyone is familiar with this term, so I will explain with an example. Many users find it easier to remember and type moskva. ru, than moscow. ru. Therefore, there are sites such as "VKontakte" and "classmates."

And now let's move from theory to practice.

For this we need the so-called "Reverse Dictionary of the Russian Language", which contains about 99,000 words. Maybe download the link, but I advise you to find a more extensive dictionary, preferably in paper form. It can contain from 150,000 to 230,000 words. What is the "reverse dictionary" , you ask? This is the usual list of words that stand in alphabetical order, but this very order is regulated not by the beginning of the word, but by its ending. That is, the dictionary is built according to the following principle:


Please note that words with the same ending are nearby in the dictionary, i.e. they are very easy to find . For example, here are some words with the ending "... ru":

in the evening
in the morning

Do you understand where I'm going? If domains vveche. ru, vpo. Common crawl en and so on. p. are not yet occupied - rather occupy!

Then everything depends directly on your imagination. For example, we have a domain zone . com ("com"), in the "reverse dictionary" of 99,000 words with the end of about 80 (in the evening, in the morning, in the house, etc.). I am 100% sure that among the words with this ending you can find an interesting free domain.

And if you completely set the mind free and let go of the fantasy, then the following names come to mind:

  • kulach. com (site for women's boxing section)
  • bobi. com (site of the hunting club with greyhounds)
  • sinya. com (beauty shop)
  • palchi. com (arm wrestling competitions) and so on.

Select all nouns ending in "p": donor, marker, designer, etc. Now we have wonderful, beautiful, easily remembered and easily pronounced domains: dono. ru, marke. ru, dizayne. ru . I know one web-design studio that came up with the monito domain. ru . Why not?

Next is more interesting. Domain zone . us reads like "us" or "us", I have found more than 150 such words. And if you can fantasize, you can even issue such domains: nagiba. us (bending down), oshiba. us (wrong). To do this, simply find in the dictionary a list of words in "... tsya", these are verbs in indefinite time.
Next, we redo them according to the principle: err, err, bend down, bend down ... These words in the reverse dictionary are about 7420. Great, really?

ua ("ya"): ampl. ua (role), burj. ua (bourgeois), padetr. ua (pas de trois).

Now you just have to decide on the theme of your site and find the right word for it. In addition, you can use not only Russian words, but also English ones, this will significantly expand the range of your search. I will not dwell on all domain zones, but I want to say one thing: the site’s name
is 80% of its success. Remember this. Good luck, and Strength will come with you!

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