NL International: essence of work, network marketing features

It is quite difficult to organize a successful business in real life, because not everyone has the organizational skills, analytical thinking and activity necessary to build profitable activities. In addition to personal data, material investments are also required.

Many people who want to get rid of the orders of the boss and a stable work schedule of the day, consider popular business ideas online . There are many of them on the Internet, but the unique program nlstar attracts special attention. com, calling on all interested users to organize a successful business activity without leaving home!

An international company was founded in 2000. This business project provides direct sales of high-quality goods for health, beauty and home. Quite a popular brand successfully sells high-quality products in different countries of the CIS, the European Union and in America.

"Nlstar" is not only a responsible seller, but also a promising partner for organizing a successful business. Many consider the project NL International - the best earnings on the Internet from scratch.

Someone compares a collaboration proposal with Nlstar International conventional network marketing, but this is not entirely true. There are several special features in this project that you definitely need to learn!

NL International: essence of work, network marketing features

NL International: essence of work, network marketing features

Nlstar International Corporation operates with customers from different countries, developing an individual program for each region, focused on the mentality of the local population. This is very predominant, because what a European may be interested in will not always be appreciated by Russian consumers.

Start cooperation with nlstar. com International, can be no down payment. It should be noted that the majority of similar firms require a certain payment from a new participant for joining the company. However, unlike competing structures, this project does not provide a system of discounts for partners, which is the main distinguishing feature of NL.

What is the point and how can you earn it? This question arises among many users interested in partnering with a popular global brand. Yes, in this company cosmetics and other products from the catalog are purchased by distributors and customers at a fixed price.

Program participants earn a certain percentage of their sales, but by transferring money to a personal account. To get a good income, you also have to fulfill some of the conditions of the business plan.

The advantages include the absence of the need to explain to customers from the immediate environment why you do not want to sell products from the catalog at a discounted price.

NL International: essence of work, network marketing features

NL International Marketing Plan

nlstar International has a five-step marketing plan that brings regular income to both the organizer of a unique idea, and and distributors who want to earn decent money on a simple business.

A detailed study of the marketing plan from NL International is available on the company's official website.

The task of the official representative is as follows:

  • building the customer market;
  • people‚Äôs campaigning aimed at motivating to become a partner of NL ;
  • successful sale of goods.

Fulfilling all the conditions of the program, the representative accumulates balls and is promoted along the career ladder. As a salary, the distributor receives a cash reward. When calculating the amount, the company takes into account the sales volumes and the number of new participants who came to NL International at the invitation of an existing representative.

The percentage of the marketing plan is calculated from the turnover in points, and the measurement takes place in y. e. 10% remuneration = 1000 y. e.

Important program conditions:

  1. To receive a structural fee, a minimum representative activity must be performed (at least 50 PV per month).
  2. To gain the title of leader, you need to sell the company's products in large volumes (no less than $ 3,000 per month);
  3. In order to purchase a large batch of products by one order, you will need to present informational evidence showing that this product is bought not for its own use, but for real buyers.
  4. During the launch period, company representatives are prohibited from purchasing goods from the catalog for an amount in excess of 1000 y. e.

NL International: essence of work, network marketing features

Products of NL International

The product range includes products for health, beauty and home. Products from nlstar, enriched with nutrients that are good for health, are very popular.All products from this category are balanced, based on natural ingredients.

Nlstar products:

  • healthy food for athletes;
  • weight loss products;
  • vitamin complexes, dietary supplements and other nutritional supplements for tonic action;
  • fruit bars and herbal tea;
  • natural cosmetics for men and women of all ages;
  • effective means for gentle care of the scalp and hair;
  • Environmentally friendly powders and other household cleaners.

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