Night trading binary options, the right approach

Experienced traders using binary options know that you need to take into account many factors when making deals.

One of these factors is the time at which the option opens. For example, some consider night time to be the most inappropriate for trading, but here one can argue.

Night trading in binary options is quite possible if you use the right approach.

The main minus of night trading is the low volatility of currency pairs, i.e., reduced activity of the movement of the chart. But it may not be necessary to make profitable deals.

Night trading binary options, the right approach

How to trade options at night correctly?

Talking about volatile currency pairs, we already explained at what time and which charts abruptly change direction.

If you look closely at the time, you will notice that between 00:00 and 3:00 Moscow time, almost all popular currency pairs lose volatility.

World markets stop working, therefore, the charts change in a small range.

How to open profitable binary options, if the schedule is practically unchanged? You forgot about the type of options "Along the border". This format of trading is offered by a broker, and it is ideal for night trading.

We have already described the strategy inside the border in detail; this type of options implies setting certain limits beyond which the schedule does not leave.

Considering that the currency is not volatile and the schedule does not change much, you have every chance to choose the ideal range of points, above or below which it will not pass.

Night trading binary options, the right approach

Scalping - effective at night

The essence of this method is to open a large number of short-term options. When a currency is not very volatile, it is much easier to determine its movement with the help of indicators and advisers.

Also, you can simply wait until the chart goes down to the lowest limit, and open an option to increase, since at night time currencies are restored quickly.

After 00:00 Moscow time, and better even after one o'clock, use American and European currency pairs EUR / USD and USD / CHF .

After 3 o'clock in the morning, the Asian segment wakes up and if you want to enter into risky trades in a volatile currency, then start opening options for EUR / JPY, USD / JPY, GBR / CHF and GBR / JPY.

The activity of this segment lasts almost 9 of the following hours, so you will definitely have time to conclude a lot of deals.

Many people trade at night , because they are in real work during the day, so night trading should also be discussed. If you learn to competently trade at this time of day, you can go to a profitable trade.

It is also worth adding that at night no one distracts and you can safely engage in analysis, making forecasts and other things a trader.

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