Nick is an important trifle for a copywriter.

Not everyone pays attention to the little things, although it is from them that the success of the moneymaker depends.

No matter what you decide to do on the Internet, you will always have competitors, and to get around them, need to become attentive to detail. Even a nickname on various sites can affect the development of professional activity.

How does a nick affect a copywriter's career? Stand in the place of the buyer and think. You go to the exchange, find interesting material, but its author's nickname "Smesharik1999".

Agree, you will already have doubts about the professionalism of this author, who calls himself a cartoon character, and even born in 1999.

Nick is an important trifle for a copywriter.

Nick is an important trifle for a copywriter

Someone will say, what difference does the author call himself. Just imagine that a copywriter with the above nickname sells articles on the topics "Fundamental Market" or "Choosing a binary options broker."

It is unlikely that a person who keeps a blog on Forex will decide to buy content from a non-serious author.

The example is exaggerated specifically so that you understand how much the user login on the site affects. Only at first glance it seems that this is a trifle, in fact, sometimes the authors are chosen by name.

In order for a nickname not to have a negative impact on career development, invent it correctly.

Here are some of the best options:

  1. Alexander Tylov - some people hide the name and surname, but customers refer to such profiles with increased trust. What are you trying to hide? What are you working on the exchange? I will tell you more, better add to your profile also a real photo. In practice, this comes in handy, since some customers may find you on social networks and offer favorable conditions for direct cooperation.
  2. Doctor, mechanic, trader - calling yourself one of the terms indicating professional activity is also good. This option is ideal if you use a narrow theme of their work. You can dig deeper and use nicknames even narrower, for example, not a doctor, but a dermatologist or surgeon. For professionals more confidence.
  3. Doctor Evil - funny and funny nicknames are more suitable not for work, but for communication in forums or online games. Of course, you can call yourself John Travolta if you write about movies or call yourself pooja if you write articles about DotA. Here, too, you need to proceed from the subject, but it is better not to drive yourself into the frame and use other forms of logins.
  4. Drugan17 - there is a double impression about the nicknames with numbers. If they indicate the numbers showing the age, you risk losing the interest of some customers. Someone does not want to work with schoolchildren and students, and some will not work with those who are over 45.
  5. A business teacher - all sorts of nicknames that put you in a good light are ideal for professionals. If you have big plans, and you want to score a huge rating, you can call yourself "the God of marketing", "The King of Forex" or "Sensei on earning money." When you have a high rating, such a nickname will only add you solidity.
Nick is an important trifle for a copywriter.

Let someone disagree with the influence of nicknames on a copywriting career and continue to use faceless logins like "CCC2" or "qwerty1". At a minimum, such a name is not remembered, and every author knows that popularity on the copywriting exchanges is simply necessary .

Think of suitable logins for yourself and remember that personalized profiles with real photos are the best option. When using them, you inspire confidence, you can count on direct offers, and you will not have restrictions on the chosen topics.

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