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Niche link building is good because (1) it is highly efficient, (2) allows you to get natural links, and (3) helps to attract the target audience and like-minded people, who will quote you and link to you.

Here are the main directions you should pay attention to:

1. Niche social sites . Do not limit yourself exclusively to social links that provide direct links. At this stage, you need to declare yourself and gain some authority so that other site / blog owners are not shy to refer to you. So now all social sites are good.

  • Here is a meta list of 10 lists of niche (and not only) Western social sites. And this is a list of Runet Web 2. 0 resources.
  • With Yahoo, you can find additional niche social networks on the Pligg platform. To do this, enter the following query in the search box: link: http: // www. pligg. com / keyword or link: http: // pligg. com / keyword .
  • Visit the Pligg forum. There is information on new niche social sites.

2. Niche forums . Here is a huge catalog of gourmet niche forums and a catalog of Runet forums where you can find a target audience and post links. In addition, forums allow you to find out the preferences and moods of potential customers. If these resources are not enough, you can always search for "keyword" forum or "keyword" forum.

3. Niche directories of sites . Here is a list of more or less high-quality niche catalogs of burzhunet. Also, information on high-quality bourgeois catalogs can be found on the info site. vilesilencer. com.

4. Google Alerts . Let Google search for new sources (directories, blogs, etc.) of links for you. To do this, subscribe to notifications for the query "add link” keyword (type Comprehensive ) and check your email regularly. You can get other search queries using the SOLOSEO tool (enter the keyword and the program will give you the entire list).

The post is written based on the article by Ann Smarty Niche Marketing and Link Building Resources.


Zmok has collected all the days Autumn Marathon in one pdf-file, which you can download from here. For which many thanks to him!

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