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In the original, the author of the article, Courtney Tuttle (known to you by Sighting Light for key phrases), uses the term keyword authority , and since the keyword is nothing but a niche, I translated it as “niche authority.” (Consider this as a translator’s note 🙂)

The ranking of search engines is directly related to its niche authority. The degree of this authority is determined by two factors: the quality of the content and its relevance to the keyword and backlinks from sites of similar subjects.

All you need to to reach the first positions on the desired keyword is, as you already understood, to raise a niche authority.How can this be done?

There are a lot of ways to bring a resource to the top, but is the fastest of them involves using the authoritativeness of sites that currently occupy the first positions in the issuance of the necessary keywords. Suppose that you need to go to the top of the phrase "how to teach a parrot to sing songs."

First of all, you should see which sites are in the top ten for this query. These are the sites that, according to Google, are the most authoritative in this niche. If you could get backlinks from these sites, your resource would be in the top (or even the first line of issue) in a very short time.

Yes, getting links from these sites is not easy (moreover, it is not always possible), but, as the author noted above, this is the fastest , and not the easiest way to bring the site to the top . In order to promote website owners to the back link, Courtney advises to write a free (and high-quality) thematic report and report it to the largest possible number of website owners with similar subjects. Someone will refer to your report anyway, and then, when the public learns about him and your site, the site will gradually begin to grow into links with itself. According to Courtney, reports, as a means of linkbiting, work better than articles.

Of course, “how to teach a parrot to sing songs” is not exactly the type of request that you will use to move your sites. Agree, this is not the most popular phrase that you can think of. However, this principle works and for more frequent requests, such as “mobile phones”.

The phrase is very popular, authoritative websites with non-sickly budgets, etc., are hanging in the issue ... These sites are unlikely to want to refer to a potential competitor. However, it is far from a fact that your path there has been ordered. Just to get to the top, you have to make a lot more effort than for the site about parrots. Analyze the content of sites and pages that Google considers most authoritative for this request. Examine his strengths and weaknesses, and create a candy, which will gladly refer to if not the top ten websites, then at least ordinary webmasters and bloggers from a mobile phone niche.

However, linkbiting on the main phrase is only the first stage of work in such a competitive niche. The next stage is the conquest of the top in the niche midrange and lows. Fill the site with as many high-quality feature articles, reports and other content as possible, and begin to promote it in the issue. First, put the article or video on how to replace the battery in the phone first, then the post about how to send free SMS from the phone, then take care of ranking the comparative report on the phones LG KE 500 and LG KE 800, and so on.

Google knows that these topics are related to each other, and as your site’s authority grows in response to low-frequency inquiries, it will raise the authority of the site and in response to basic inquiry. Of course, this does not relieve you of the need to promote the site for the main key phrase, but a lot of pages in the tops for related requests will greatly facilitate your life.

Well, about where to look for low and midrange keywords and how to “litter” the low-frequency tops with their sites, articles, blogs and pages a la Squidoo, I wrote on the blog repeatedly

Good luck!

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