New sites for earnings without investment 2018

On the Internet you can definitely earn money and without investments it is quite real. Many services have been opened, where beginners and even schoolchildren are offered to perform non-complex activities.

Of course, you cannot easily earn millions, but you can easily start and discover at least a part-time job for yourself.

Everyone is already fed up with the same projects, which are described in each article. Users want something fresh and interesting. Therefore, we have collected 5 new sites for earnings on the Internet without investments 2018.

Not only are these young services, some of them also offer jobs that you haven’t seen before on other resources.

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

Sites where you can make real money without investments

Users are treated with suspicion to everything new. There are plenty of scammers in the network; they invent more sophisticated methods of deception. This was also taken into account when selecting new sites for earnings on the Internet.

I already recorded a video on this topic, where I briefly explained the principle of working with selected sites:

Why look for new services when there are proven websites for earnings?

First, they manage to find unusual types of work. Secondly, these are additional sources of profit. Thirdly, you can recruit a referral network to them and as long as there is no huge popularity at the site, it’s easier to invite people.

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We didn’t have time to check every system, but we carefully studied the reviews and talked to people who already work on these sites. Therefore, they are sure that they are honest and pay (you can easily find payment screens on the network).

Selection: new sites where you can earn real money

The main part of this rating is foreign projects. Foreigners more often come up with fresh ideas and in the burzhunete in general more services are launched.

Over time, their ideas are adopted by domestic developers. It is possible that soon there will be analogues of these new sites for earnings in 2018:

  1. German site.

Registration in this system is available for residents of any country, paying in euros. The main way to make money is to view ads.

After the usual registration, you find yourself in a private office, where, by the way, there is Russian (but the translation is not high-quality). Go to a special section and select "Read advertisements":

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

Here you will see a list with ads where a fixed remuneration is set. Accruals are held in the local currency Jugla. For every 100 jugl give 1 euro. In most cases, for viewing ads, the reward is 0. 5 Jugl:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

Something like surfing sites, only it is not necessary to switch to other sites. When you open the ad, you will not see any timers. Just sit and wait for the following window to appear (usually up to 60 seconds):

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

In the window there is a 10 second timer, after its completion you take the reward. More and more Russian-speaking users register on this site and besides watching ads, they earn money on:

  1. Watching videos (not available in Russia) - as well as making money on ads, you need open videos and watch them for a specific time.
  2. Texts on the forum - per day you can create only 1 topic and get Yugla for every Like from other users. Profit is charged in the first 24 hours from the date of publication, the size depends on the rating of the user who put the Like.
  3. Search queries - help people find something and get bonuses. For example, they may be looking for where to buy an IPhone at a low price or they need to find someone who will travel with them.
  4. Partnership program - there are several levels in it and for each registration 0. 6 euros. But provided that it will be an active referral. Filled out the form, installed the avatar, passed the verification and began to earn.

Of the unpleasant in the system, there is a mandatory verification. It is necessary to confirm the phone number and passport data (send screenshots). But payments are carried out by bank transfer.

  1. Crypto Books.

Overseas service, where users can earn several main cryptocurrencies (BTC, BTH, ETH, LTC). The reviews on the site are positive, it pays and there are payment screens on the network.

The main ways of earning money here 2 are viewing advertisements and videos. After registering in the ViewAds section, you will see the suggestions:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

Everything is simple, click on any ad, another site opens. In the lower part there is a blue strip (this is a timer). When the time is over, you will see a notice about the transfer of funds. Above the blocks there is a menu for choosing cryptocurrency:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

With viewing videos, the story is the same, but there it will not work to choose cryptocurrency.You go to the ViewYTAds section and watch different offers.

They indicate how many seconds you need to watch the video and what bonus is added for it. Keep in mind that the tab must be active, i.e. you cannot open other sites or programs while browsing:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

Advanced users can earn money on tasks, sort them out without knowing foreign languages Not sure it's going to happen.

There is an affiliate program, deductions make up 10% of the referral's earnings. To withdraw money, you need to collect a minimum amount. For each cryptocurrency, it is different:

  • 0. 0001BTC;
  • 0. 001 ETH;
  • 0. 002 LTC;
  • 0. 0002 BCH.

There are additional functions on the site - gambling, store referrals, upgrades. If you buy an upgrade for each cryptocurrency.

It increases the reward for all methods of earnings and opens up bonus views of videos, where the payment can reach 0. 005 Bitcoin.

  1. Foreign Books.

Everyone knows that foreign clickers sponsors bring in more money. In burzhunete just completely different amounts are spinning.

A new site for earnings appeared in the spring of 2018, the main type of earnings - viewing sites. After registration, you will be able to receive a cent for visiting different resources:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

You are asked to complete tasks for domestic counterparts for this money, 10 times less for surfing. In addition, gambling and ClixGrid (as on) are available in your account.

Users are provided with a field where they need to click on the squares and view ads. If you're lucky, you will win $ 2000:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

It is worth noting the design of the site, created by the plot of the cartoon Ferdinal. Payments are made to PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin or Payeer. You can rent referrals or attract new members.

  1. Earnings in the browser.

This is an analogue of such popular projects as and. Site for earnings new, appeared in June 2018.

To start earning money, you need to register on the site and install the extension in the browser. A special icon will appear in it, with a click on which you can check your balance or go to your personal account:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

What does this extension do? It adds banner ads when you surf the web. At any time, a window with a timer may appear in the lower right corner. Just waiting for the time to end and you get the money.

Advertising is in 2 formats - teasers and PopUp . The payment depends on the timer, varies from 1 to 6 kopecks:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

To earn more, use an affiliate program (5 levels). Payments come to Webmoney and Payeer, wallets need to be specified in your account settings.

Reviews about the site gradually appear, they are positive. There are currently less than 30,000 registered users.

  1. Click sponsor.

This book is suitable for earning Bitcoins. Satoshi easily gather here for viewing sites. If you do not buy paid accounts, the income per day will be only a few cents. So buy at least Surf1 for $ 2. 5.

After registering in the SurfAds section, you will see the amount of remuneration, how much time you need to spend on the site and the button:

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

Click StartSurfing and send us to the advertised resource. Here the timer in the form of a blue stripe, on its completion, a captcha is entered. For the purchase of the cheapest prize, you get guaranteed 9 offers for viewing advertising per day (and also comes with 5% more from referrals):

New sites for earnings without investment 2018

You can earn on a free account , the referral program is 10%, and payments are made through several payment systems.

True, only one option is currently available - this is FaucetHub. To transfer funds to it, you need to collect at least 1000 Satoshi.

I learned about all these projects through the MMGP forum. The feedback is only positive, people receive payments from them and continue to work. They are created for beginners and even if there is no Russian language, it is not difficult to use projects.

New sites for earning Bitcoins and cryptocurrency

Hot topic today, to earn different cryptocurrency a huge number of projects appear. Unfortunately, most of them - scam.

Scammers enjoy anonymity, so it’s better not to use new sites to earn Bitcoins. If you want to receive coins, register on proven services:

  1. - helps to collect Airdrop, new tokens are distributed free of charge, their value is gradually increasing, and after entering the stock exchange, the coins can be sold.
  2. is a similar service, only Bounty companies are represented here. Collect free new tokens, wait for them to be added to the exchange and sell.
  3. - free Bitcoins are distributed here every hour, you just need to enter the captcha. The amount is determined by a random number generator.
  4. - earn Satoshi by viewing websites.Regular surfing, every day there are new offers.
  5. is one of the few services in Russian where Bitcoins also pay to browse sites (there are always many offers).
  6. - the cumulative tap, while you are not on the site, you are dripping BTC. In the first 15 minutes, the set goes with the highest speed.
  7. - a new earnings site for Android, the project was renamed StormPlay. Pay for the installation of mobile applications (output to BTC or ETH).
  8. - cloud mining cryptocurrency. Without investments, you can earn only on an affiliate program. Give 10% of referrals refills.
  9. - a simple tap for collecting BTC. This is not a new site for earning Bitcoins, but here you can get up to 5000 Satoshi from one bonus collection.

We follow the emergence of new interesting projects, we try to be the first to talk about interesting and profitable systems. This is difficult to do, because there are no reviews and the service has not earned a good reputation, it cannot be recommended.

For beginners, we recommend a new site for earnings

. Simple click sponsor in Russian, where they pay for the implementation of the easiest tasks.

Before you search for new sites to earn money without investments, you should consider existing projects.

Services that are launched in 2018 rarely offer something new, so it is simply pointless to risk registering with systems that have not yet had time to prove their honesty.

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