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New partnership program with great prospects - Profit Hunter The CPAzilla Affiliate Program is relatively young. Being the successor of the successful affiliate program of Fotocash, created for Fotostrany, it would seem, it will be difficult to repeat success. In spite of this, having started on March 1, 2013, the affiliate program was firmly entrenched in leadership positions in attracting gaming and entertainment traffic.

So ​​what are the advantages and advantages of CPAZilla?

Like Fotocash, the affiliate program works with white traffic. The similarities end there. If in good old Photokesh they paid for registrations, then CPAzilla pays for the leads. This innovation, at first glance, is not profitable for webmasters. But, if on the average 6-7 rubles were paid for registration, then the payment for the lead can reach 80 rubles. Moreover, in PhotoOxes it was impossible to attract the same user twice, while TsPAZilla is ready to pay for users already attracted, but not being active in the past 30 days. That is, it turns out that, roughly speaking, the audience has no restrictions, whereas registration was the final action.

Benefits and pros in brief :

  • huge audience
  • a wide range of promotional materials
  • “smart” rotators
  • convenient and detailed statistics for webmasters
  • weekly payouts without delays
  • interesting offers with high pay

Let’s stop at the last paragraph and look at the leads and their payment.

“Meetings” Offer

This is how the lead itself looks like (registration, confirmation of mail, downloading avatars and clicks in “Meetings”) Traffic is divided into Russia and the CIS, as well as gender and age. Maximum earnings 75 rubles.

Men Russia CIS
18 - 24 6 rubles 1.2 rubles
25 - 34 25 rubles 4 rubles
35 - 44 65 rubles 12 rubles
55 - 80 75 rubles 14 rubles

Women Russia CIS
18 - 24 10 rubles 2 rubles
25 - 34 30 rubles 5 rubles
35 - 44 45 rubles 8 rubles
55 - 80 55 rubles 10 rubles

Offer “Virtual pets”

Pay for registration, confirmation of mail and the achievement of a pet of the first level. Traffic is divided into Russia, the CIS and further by age. The maximum earnings of 80 rubles.

M / F Russia CIS
0 - 17 10 rub. 2 rub.
18 - 24 12 rub. 2 rub.
25 - 34 33 rub. 9 rub.
35 - 44 48 rub. 9 rub.
45 - 80 80 rub. 13 rub.

In part, such tariffs are also possible thanks to the success in actively combating unscrupulous webmasters using active advertising services or, roughly speaking, in combating cheaters.

In the near future, an affiliate network plans to further optimize offers and raise payment rates, as webmasters and CPACilla are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, where one attracts relevant traffic, while others receive decent pay for it.

You can register here (non-referral link).

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