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SpyTrack allows you to visually monitor the actions of users on the site, the system is completely transparent to the visitor and provides information not only about actions, but also about transitions from search engines.

Before starting to optimize your site or client site, you need to find its shortcomings or flaws.

  • Do the design elements perform the functions assigned to them?
  • Do users experience difficulties with navigation?
  • Do important blocks in the interface attract attention?
  • How much time does an unprepared user need to deal with the interface?
  • Why does an order in an online store cause difficulties for users?
  • How are navigation and design elements of a corporate website perceived by visitors?
  • Why do visitors ignore certain sections of the Internet portal?
  • Why visitors do not pay attention tions on the banners?

The answers to these questions are difficult to find. To do this, you need to hire a few people far from optimization, and follow their behavior on the site.

Sometimes I want to be behind the ordinary user.

But now a software solution has appeared that allows you to follow all readers. The name of this system is SpyTrack.

The system provides an opportunity to visually evaluate the usability (usability) of a web site and is the most important elements for conducting usability studies of sites and web interfaces.

The system is currently only in the alpha version, but it can already record and play:

  • mouse movements;
  • clicks;
  • transitions links;
  • filling out forms;
  • selecting and copying text from pages;
  • scrolling the browser window;
  • resizing and moving the window;
  • departures and returns of visitors.

Learn more about the system.

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