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Not many earn a lot on the Internet, you know why? Because the majority does not want to use new ways, and is also afraid to invest the money earned.

You can earn on copywriting or in social networks, then use the money for deposits.

The new economic game Imperino offers simple, profitable and even interesting investments. With this project, you can become a contributor, regardless of your capital.

One hundred rubles is enough to make the first purchases, but in general you can start without investments, bonuses are distributed to beginners here.

New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

The game does not pay!

Build a kingdom on the Imperino and earn

Each player on the project Imperino becomes the owner of the kingdom, which must be populated with different characters and build houses in it. If you enter the game with a large start-up capital, you can immediately reach a high return on investment:

New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

As you can see, the crow has a yield of 40%, i.e. you fully pay back him money, less than 2. 5 months. The raven is worth 1332 rubles and for its purchase requires a castle of witches, which will cost another 804 rubles.

It is not necessary to invest this money, but only there it is possible to reach the maximum profitability.

Now there is a promotion on Imperino, when you make a deposit, the amount doubles.

It is also possible to start without investments, several farmers and a farm will give for registration. It will not bring you much money, but it will help you to understand the interface.

What should I do to earn?

It is much easier to understand the game when there is a clear instruction for action. You can get income today by doing the following:

  1. Go through regular registration:
  2. New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru
  3. Go to the recharge section and make any deposit (not necessarily ):
  4. New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru
  5. Go to the store and buy different characters (necessary buildings):
  6. New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru
  7. Once a day you collect the manufactured products (if not collected in 24 hours, production is suspended):
  8. New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru
  9. Then the products need to be sold, for this there is a special section:
  10. New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

  11. Spend gold on other characters or withdraw them. games, one of the ways:
  12. New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

That's it, nothing complicated, and most importantly, do not forget to go into the game once a day to collect resources. At the same time, you can collect a daily bonus, it brings up to 100 gold.

At first it is better to take up the development of the kingdom and the resulting gold to the balance for withdrawal, exchange for gold for purchases. It is profitable, due to the exchange accrued 20% bonus.

Each character of the kingdom on the machine brings resources, a lot of time collecting resources does not take. If it becomes boring, you can play the wheel of fortune.

Surfing sites on Imperino

The organizers of this project offer users to receive gold for free, for visiting sites. In the Surf section there is a list of advertised sites, you just need to click on the eye symbol to open a new tab:

New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

This is a great way to collect gold. After opening a new tab, you will see another site and a timer, you need to stay on the page for a while and then enter a captcha:

New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

The rewards are small, but there are always a lot of sites. Gold earned in surfing is transferred to the account for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program of Imperino

Invite your friends to this game and receive 30% of their deposits. Affiliate link can be distributed by any means. The project is only a week long, many have not heard about it yet, so it is ideal for attracting referrals.

In addition, a referral contest is held here every month:

New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

The general fund is 1,22500 gold, it is also credited to the balance for withdrawal. Points come for replenishment of the balance by referrals, their volume depends on the size of the deposit.

At least attract one referral and, if he replenishes the balance to the amount of more than 3,500 rubles, you will receive 456 points (immediately take third place).

The game is good, but many investors want to invest money so that they can be quickly withdrawn. Such an opportunity on Imperino is:

New economic game Imperino | Workion. ru

Sell at least all the characters, but remember that the less their lifespan, the lower the price.

Overall, Imperino is pretty good and the original design looks great. There is only one drawback, the game has appeared recently, and some people are afraid to use unproven projects.

Does it stop you too? Then invest in (377 days), (474 ​​days) or (597 days), the life of these games is much higher, and it’s also easy to earn.

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