NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

There are plenty of examples of successful development of crypto money, and new coins appear on the background of this. Many people hope that with their help it will also be possible to increase their capital a thousand times, as with the Bitcoins.

Predicting the prospects in this niche is difficult, but quite realistic, so you should consider all new crypto money.

Cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) - investment in the coins of this naminal, looks promising. Now it is the main competitor STR and XRP, which also began to gain popularity. The NEM currency appeared in 2015, better known in Japan.

The main purpose of its creation is to increase the speed and security of transactions in banks. To do this, even created an exchange ZAIF, built on the NEM blockchain, and it functions stably.

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

Should I buy NEM (XEM) now?

Analysts constantly argue about new cryptocurrencies. Some are confident that XEM will continue to grow, others do not provide such bright prospects.

In January 2017, for one coin they gave 0. 003 $, and in May of the same year they gave 26 cents for it. The difference is 86 times, it’s hard to imagine how much money the holders of this crypto money received:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

While the rate did not rise above, the trend is gradually decreasing, but such jumps already say a lot. Just imagine, if you had to invest $ 1000 in these coins in early 2017, then in May you could get $ 86,000 for them, and if you exchange them right now, $ 56,000 will be released. In any case, this is a huge amount.

There is no 100% guarantee that the NEM course will jump again, so it is better to wait a bit, study analytics more closely and start reading forums where real gurus communicate.

The peculiarity of NEM coins is that it appeared using the original open source code and initiated a number of innovations. The same POI algorithm by which it functions now.

This technology identifies users who generate the following blocks, and this happens taking into account the contributions of each participant. There are many technical features, you can talk about them for a long time, in we select only the most interesting ones:

  • there should not be less than 10,000 XEM in the account to use NEM mining;
  • blocks are generated per minute;
  • there are several formats of wallets;
  • transactions are executed instantly;
  • high reliability of wallets;
  • total 9 billion XEM issued (emissions will no longer be);
  • the cryptocurrency is international and decentralized.

Similar rate rises of these coins were already observed last year. The trend was not adjusted for a long time, perhaps the repeated scenario is happening now. But we all know that because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, their value increases, so NEM remains promising, at least in the long term.

Growth Prospects for NEM (XEM)

The largest Japanese bank SBI Sumishin Net Bank, together with a team of researchers from NRI, tested the Mijin network on millions of bank accounts for several months .

More than 2 million transactions were conducted per day and during the entire testing period, no problems arose. On the contrary, the blockchain showed resistance to any attempts at destabilization.

NEM's notorious manager Jeff MacDonald said that the network of crypto money is gradually being integrated into the work of the major banks in Japan. There were also rumors about expansion into various Asian markets (Malaysia, China, South Korea). And all this is explained by the fact that technologies increase the speed of transactions and their security.

Not so long ago, the code was rewritten in C ++, and besides this a new official NEM wallet appeared, which was called the Nano Wallet. Its code is open, allowing developers to integrate NEM into their applications. We will tell about this wallet below, there will be detailed instructions for beginners.

Special pride of the developers is the Apostille module. With its help are notarial records. This is a special service of the blockchain, due to which users create and send notarized entries to wallets.

We began to delve into complex technologies, but this is precisely the key to the successful development of any cryptocurrency. Based on all these facts, we can draw conclusions - the NEM course will gradually increase. Coins are distributed with high speed, and this is exactly what is needed for its development.

Where to store cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) - a reliable wallet

Slightly higher, we already said that the Nano Wallet wallet was invented. This is the official application, with it you will keep coins in maximum security. Transfers are quickly and simply made from the wallet, you can download it on the site.

Mobile applications are also available, but we will look at the program for computers and laptops.

Before installing the nanoballet, be sure to update Jawa to the latest version and reboot the system.

It is meaningless to talk about the installation procedure itself, because it is no different from any other program. When you download the utility, the tray icon will appear, and the browser will open with a new tab. When you first start, you will have to wait a long time for the data exchange:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

The yellow bar will show you at what stage of the download you are. It will appear in the future when you start your PC or if it is a long time, but it only takes a long time for the first time:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

While synchronization takes place, you can create a new wallet. The button is shown in the image above. It's all simple, fill out the form (login, password). Consider the password should be difficult, because it is access to your finances.

At the first authorization, they will offer to save the backup of the wallet, do this so that in the future there will be no problems with recovery:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

To save the file, you need to click on your icon profile and select the appropriate item. Choose a reliable directory so that no one can use it:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

There are other interesting functions in the wallet, but now we will not talk about them. You have an account for storing NEM, to find out the wallet number, you need to open the side menu, there is a long address:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

At any time you can go into your wallet to withdraw from him money, to replenish the balance or make a transfer. In general, NanoWallet is set for the storage of crypto money, to wait for the rates to rise and sell the coins at a bargain price.

Where to buy NEM (XEM) - detailed instructions

As long as the cryptocurrency has not gained worldwide popularity, users still have problems. The main difficulty is the purchase and sale of coins. Currently only one exchange works with NEM -. So that you could definitely buy NEM (XEM), we offer you detailed instructions:

  1. Go to the Poloniex exchange and press the button to create an account on this exchange (who is not registered yet):

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

  1. Next you need to fill out the form, specify only the working mail, create a complex password:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

  1. A confirmation letter will be sent to the post office, after clicking on the link you can log in. From the menu you need to select the item to replenish the balance:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

  1. In the next step, tick the Hide 0 Balances checkbox to display all available cryptocurrencies and select the Bitcoin deposit:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

  1. You will be provided with a unique BTC address, money must be transferred to it so that they are credited to your balance from the exchange:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

  1. As soon as Bitcoin reaches your balance, you need to go to the Exchange section and select the XEM / BTC currency pair:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

  1. It remains only to make a transaction on the purchase of cryptocurrency. Enter the desired amount in one of the fields and press Buy:

NEM cryptocurrency (XEM), forecasts and investments

Now you will have NEM on your Poloniex balance, you can leave it here, the exchange is also reliable. For more confidence, transfer the coins to the set wallet, this is done through the same point where we replenished Bitcoin, only instead of Deposit, you need to click Withdraw.

In addition, you can immediately exchange crypto money for other currencies.

It is almost impossible to predict how much NEM (XEM) will cost, but many have already started buying coins. This is not surprising, after the successful increase of capital through Bitcoin, everyone understood how promising it is.

Someday the blockchain technology will force out the old banking systems, but for now we are witnessing an evolution and can make money off of it.

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