Negative impact of catalog runs, linkwashing

Gradually, changes occur in almost all areas and areas.
SEO optimization is no exception, over the past year there have been some news about changes in search engine algorithms, which is already talking about a decade. Ways to promote and optimize the site, which have recently benefited, can only adversely affect the promotion of the resource.

One of the methods that has lost its relevance was the run through catalogs and bulletin boards. Everyone knows that the trust of the site and the amount of puzomerok directly depends on the number of links , but using non-quality runs you may not get a positive result.

Negative impact of catalog runs, linkwashing

Linkwashing sites

Search engines have been trying to combat artificially building up the link mass for several years, so they negatively relate to poor quality links.

There are a lot of sites that are literally "cluttered up" with links, they are called "link-washers". They are created with the sole purpose of making money by selling links. The weight of such links is minimal, so when users run, they try to achieve good results, considering not the quality of the reference mass, but the total number of links.

You say that due to such runs you can eliminate competitors? Perhaps you will be right. On this subject, there is a huge amount of controversy. Some optimizers claim that trust sites cannot be harmed by non-quality links, but they understand that such actions can “ruin” a young resource.

The so-called reference explosion, in which a website abruptly receives a huge number of links (as during directory runs), has long been considered one of the reasons for getting a website under filters.

Negative impact of catalog runs, linkwashing

As practice shows, when getting links from non-qualitative runs, at the very beginning the results may seem effective. In the future, there is a decrease in the position of issue. Search engines take into account the quality of the reference mass, you can be sure of that.

If you are promoting the site using runs, then you need to do this with high-quality database directories. Unfortunately, it is possible to call quality units of directories.

There is a negative impact of the catalog runs, so before you spend your money on this type of promotion, be sure to think about its effectiveness. One link from a quality, trust, and well-promoted website can be much better than 100 links from dead directories, and their value will be the same. How to promote the site decide for yourself, if you want to succeed, consider the relevance of methods of promotion.

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