Natural Traffic Sources, Top 3 Traffic Sources

In order to get maximum traffic to your site, you need to use several traffic sources at once.

By attracting visitors in various ways, you will provide constant inflows of traffic, but you will need much more time to use multiple sources in parallel.

It is necessary to take into account that motivated traffic is not sufficiently high-quality, therefore it is best to attract natural traffic. What sources of natural traffic is better to use? In this article we will present several options that most webmasters and optimizers use.

Natural Traffic Sources, Top 3 Traffic Sources

3 best traffic sources

  1. Search engines. Naturally, the first place is occupied by search engines, with which you can attract an unlimited number of users. Given the high competition in this area, you have to work hard to take high positions. We advise you to learn how to get to the leading position of the issue. A long process of optimization and development, as well as various contributions to the reference mass will help you achieve good results.
  2. Advertising. Absolutely everything can be launched on the network; the most important thing is to find suitable sites and also to develop effective promotional materials. For example, you can run contextual advertising through YAN and Adwords. You can also use media advertising on PingMedia, this system offers several options for the presentation of advertising. The only minus of advertising traffic attraction is serious costs.
  3. Social networks. A huge number of sites receive traffic from social networks, and in some cases its volume exceeds search traffic. This is not surprising, because soc. network attendance and user activity, have long started to catch up with search engines. The main emphasis in using this source should be done not on advertising, but on creating a community that will gather a large target audience.

Natural Traffic Sources, Top 3 Traffic Sources

Ideally, you should use each of these traffic sources. By attracting as many people as you can to your resource, you will improve behavioral factors, and you can earn more, regardless of how you monetize the resource, selling info-goods, making a profit from advertising shows or clicks on it.

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