Myths about advertising Vkontakte, the truth and the truth about advertising Vkontakte

In those areas of activity where it is difficult to understand, various myths and delusions absolutely always appear. As a rule, they are created by people who are not knowledgeable enough, but who want to draw their own conclusions.

The scope of advertising in social networks is complex, so there are many misconceptions in it. Myths about advertising Vkontakte, we will look at this article. Considering that this social network is one of the best tools for promotion and promotion, the information should be useful to you.

Myths about advertising Vkontakte, the truth and the truth about advertising Vkontakte

True and false about Vkontakte advertising

  1. Vkontakte advertising is very expensive. To assert that the ongoing advertising campaigns on social networks are accompanied by serious expenses. Of course, substantial contributions may be required, but in any other area you would have to pay for high efficiency. There is an alternative myth that Vkontakte advertising is very cheap, this is also an incorrect statement, it is impossible to answer unequivocally here.
  2. Many site subscribers - high price. You can start advertising in a group with 100,000 subscribers and carry out the same actions with the public, which has about 30,000 people subscribed to, and the result can be the same. A large number of subscribers is not the main indicator of quality. The audience needs to be assessed by a variety of factors, from interest in your subject to activity.
  3. Fasting for an hour is the best option. The most common misconception, which many consider reliable information. Numerous studies have shown that posts posted in communities benefit over 24 hours. Of course, in the first hour, the efficiency is increased, but it is better to run advertising for a day.
  4. Weekend advertising is better not to run. If you think that you can not run an effective advertising campaign on weekends and holidays, then you are mistaken. Conversion rates will be approximately the same, and if you take into account the number of views, it will be somewhat large for the weekend.
  5. Creative is not required. A small number of people believe in this myth, however, it also exists. Social networks are entertainment portals and first of all they are visited for an interesting pastime. If your ad is creative, it will not be perceived as "unnecessary" information, but as entertainment content.
  6. Site owners should be contacted directly. Partially this statement is correct, as in this case you will be able to save. But on the other hand, the transaction will not be secure, while for a small commission of the system, its administration will provide guarantees. In addition, placing ads through the system, you save a lot of time.

Myths about advertising Vkontakte, the truth and the truth about advertising Vkontakte

In conclusion, I would like to consider questions about whether the subject matter of the sites and the cost of advertising. Yes, for example, women's and business topics currently have higher prices for advertising. Now you know a little more about about Vkontakte advertising and, if necessary, you can put this knowledge into practice.

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