Myiyo - real money polls

Beginners need to look for ways to make money among the simplest options, so as not to immediately plunge into a difficult sphere and not lose their activity.

Earnings on questionnaires and surveys is a great option that even experienced users use for part-time work. It takes just a few minutes to complete the questionnaires, and the money for them is paid normally.

To earn even more, you need to use foreign systems. But how are they in non-Russian language? There are services with the support of the Russian language. One of them is a foreign questionnaire. This is a German service, which is translated into Russian, and they pay good money on it.

Myiyo - real money polls

How to make money on surveys in Myiyo?

The reviews on this site are extremely positive, so we decided to tell our readers about the new questionnaire . It’s not difficult to start earning money on it and now we’ll tell you how registration is done, what to do, how much is paid, and how to withdraw money.

1. Register on Myiyo. Creating a profile in this system is done in just two simple steps. First you need to specify some data, and then you will be directed to an additional form:

Myiyo - real money polls

It takes several minutes to fill in the data. There is a third step when registering - this is downloading an avatar, but you can skip it.

2. What should a newbie do? After the first login to the system, you will need to confirm the Email (the link is sent in a letter), and also fill out your profile.

As long as you do not fill in the data and do not confirm your mail, you cannot take surveys.

For confirmation of the mail they give 100 points, and for filling the profile another 500 points :

Myiyo - real money polls

As with the use of Runet questionnaires, specify as much data in your profile. Indicate many diseases, choose as many household appliances as possible, indicate that you have children, pets, cars and so on.

All this is necessary in order for you to fit a large number of criteria, and as many surveys as possible come to you.

3. Passing polls. In the section with surveys, available questionnaires will periodically appear, and you will receive alerts about this in your mail. Everything is in Russian, so there will be no problems here:

Myiyo - real money polls

Depending on how long it takes to complete the survey, the payment may be different. On average, pay from 1500 to 3000 points. This is decent money, since each 1000 points equals 1 euro.

By 500 points (0. 5 euros) can be received for attracting new users. Referral link available on the page with polls.

4. Withdraw money. To order a payment from the Myiyo website, you will need to score at least 20,000 points (20 euros).

On average, these are 20 completed questionnaires, but they come not so often, so it’s easier to earn money by attracting new users (40 people in total). When you collect the required amount you can order the payment by PayPal or bank transfer.

Myiyo - real money polls

Money comes from the Myiyo system, this is not a scam and you can easily verify this. Register in the system right now, so as not to miss the opportunity to receive for 2. 5 euros for passing one survey. Let them come and not often, the time it takes is not so much, and you can fill out forms at a convenient time.

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