MyCommsuite - Social Networks - Profit Hunter

MyCommsuite - Social Networks - Profit Hunter

MyCommsuite is a unified communications system that ISPs and telcos can offer their customers, and which businesses can quickly implement - providing all users with a significant integrated branding and marketing communications solution.

User groups can be easily reached through multiple channels - all combined into a single interface. This enables service providers and companies to send brand messages through the right channels, at the right time, to the right people.

MyCommsuite is the ideal way to build a consumer community across all channels, while at the same time improving productivity and reducing communication costs. Companies can develop networks, increase brand reach and exposure in order to be able to tap the full potential of their customer base. Consumer commitment to this brand of product can be increased and, ultimately, income - and.

The modular system architecture makes it easy to tailor the system to current business needs and expand with these needs. Since this is a hosted service, its implementation is very fast and it does not require, neither a preliminary collateral nor infrastructure costs.

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A brief overview of the possibilities of MyCommsuite

MyCommsuite includes the following unified communications tools:

  • Electronic mail - full mail client
  • Chat (Messaging) - with lists of friends and their presence status
  • Calendars - integrated custom calendars
  • Social Networking Tools - aggregator for Facebook, Flickr and Twitter
  • Contact List - integrated notebooks
  • General file access - instant information exchange
  • My Media - multimedia player
  • Newsfeeds - RSS news aggregator
  • Soft Phone - for VoIP calls
  • Video Calling - direct video query


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