My remedy for a bad mood :) - Profit Hunter

My remedy for a bad mood :) - Profit Hunter Finally, I had time to get on the blog, so this and the next months will be marked by the promotion of Profit Hunter’s ideas to the masses 🙂

I have already started optimizing structure the blog and sharpen the names and descriptions of old posts for search queries (using the All-in-One-SEO-Pack plugin), so if you notice some changes on the blog, you should know that this is my doing. By mid-late June, it will be clear what will come of it.

In the meantime, you need to give one favor, which hangs behind me almost from mid-April. First Altai Blogger, and then Pavel Davydov gave me a baton called “5 favorite songs.” I’m happy to share them with you.

1. Metallica. Where I’m without her, dear. I like almost everything (with the exception of a few songs from the last album.) However, knowing that many of the readers are unlikely to like songs like Harvester of Sorrow, Battery, So What, Creeping Death, etc., I suggest you listen to a theme that just goes away in the mainstream (but the power is still present in it 🙂) - Turn the Page .

[wpyt_profile1] dOibtqWo6z4 [/ wpyt_profile1]

2. SOAD And here Rubilovo is Chop Suey .

[wpyt_profile1] mdRd3k4CIAg [/ wpyt_profile1]

3. Guano Apes. If this group is known to you, then rather of all, according to the song Big in Japan. But I like Open Your Eyes from their very first album (nostalgia, damn).

[wpyt_profile1] pyllWlWUCrQ [/ wpyt_profile1]

4. Papa Roach. Between Angels and Insects - without even thinking. Immediately recall the morning rise in the dorm. Ehhh, it was time ...

[wpyt_profile1] aCLbUBAwxbY [/ wpyt_profile1]

5. Prodigy In general, not a fan of their creativity, but the topic Funky Shit can lift me from any state 🙂

[wpyt_profile1] xm0DZk0mHFg [/ wpyt_profile1]

And also Cranberries, Corrs, Evanescence, Blackmore's Night ... Yes, I like Rosenbaum and Trofim's latest vodka albums to listen to>

I don’t know who to pass on the baton - everyone has probably already written about their musical preferences, I'm the only one late. But nevertheless, if there is still someone who has not told the people about his 5 favorite songs, be sure to do it.

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