My financial springboard in options trading

In my story, I want to make an attempt to dispel the long-established myth of being rich to work long and hard. This thought was driven into my head since childhood.

But maybe due to the fact that in me, like in other people, there is a pathological laziness or because of the reluctance to take a shovel and anything else in my hands, I started looking for a dusty, but well-paid job.

And my searches were crowned, in my personal opinion, not just with success, but with triumph. I discovered exchange trading and not just trading, but trading with the most efficient and profitable tool - binary options.

It is not difficult, as it may seem at first glance. The answer to one question: " up or down ", will allow you to get such a profit, after which you stop thinking about your future well-being.

My financial springboard in options trading

My name is Anton Dorokhov, I am a binary options trader, now this is my profession and I don’t want to do anything else. And the reason for this is the size of my trading account.

Now on it 97 347.37 US dollars . I think for a young man who has just graduated from the institute this is a lot of money, especially since this is only the initial stage of my trade and the path to wealth.

Yes, and today there is no other way to make money in such a small period of time, and I earned that money in a year and a half, I don’t know yet.

My financial springboard in options trading

As I started trading binary options

Like everything new, my familiarity with binary options was difficult and I would even said painfully. Due to the lack of experience in trading, from the very first attempt I fell into the hands of a brokerage company, which later turned out to be fraudulent.

I invested $ 500 there and even earned a little bargaining , but I wasn’t allowed to withdraw them, and then they just helped me drain the deposit at a loss. There were a few more attempts and they all ended badly.

Almost lost faith in one of the trading forums I was advised to try the company. After reading the reviews and trusting the advice, I decided to try one last time. Honestly, it was not a pity for 10 dollars (it was the minimum deposit from which to start trading with this company).

And as they say, things have gone - my deposit began its unrestrained growth and I began to enjoy my work. And then the day came when I decided to withdraw my first profit. And to my surprise, there were no limits when everything went without problems and delays. So I started my way into trading.

How much do I earn on options trading?

Today, my income is much more than $ 1 thousand per week of trading. The result of trading in a year and a half is 120 thousand dollars. During this time I managed to withdraw $ 24,000 in profits and spend it on my needs.

I think that with such incomes it is not so much. For skeptics and those who do not believe me, I'll show a screenshot of the withdrawal of funds from the trading deposit for the last month:

My financial springboard in options trading

In my opinion, I managed to dispel the myth of the difficult path to wealth. I do not consider my losses difficult at the beginning of my career, I just needed to consult with somebody in this matter and immediately find a normal company, like Binomo.

And I cannot say that trading in options takes a lot of energy. But I know exactly how to earn really huge amounts of money. To do this, quite a bit, and most importantly, do not need to work hard.

You just need to trade binary options with a good brokerage company and become a wealthy person. Each of us can discover the talent of a trader in us and, believe me, it is not at all difficult.

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