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Quite recently (a couple of months ago), one of my good acquaintances, whose knowledge, I am sure, helped me disperse my income sources and do satellites. The topic aroused my interest because of the constant orders for the promotion of sites exactly in runet. And as far as the satellites are known, the budget can be significantly saved.

It is not a secret to anyone that in order for the satellites to be as long as possible in the index of search engines - you need unique content, normal design with design and some semblance of the fact that the site is made for visitors. Most of these satellites are made on WordPress. It is understandable, WP is the favorite of all search engines, without exception, the sites on it are easy to SEO optimization, and the presence of thousands of free themes eliminate problems with layout and design.

But, in spite of all the charms of WP, making satellites on it is monotonous and hellish work. What I, in fact, was convinced personally. Having tried a bunch of free scripts that I could find on the network, I only killed time and spent my nerves. Constantly it was necessary somewhere to twist something for myself, to process it with a file, etc. In general, I decided not to sweat and look towards paid solutions.

On a tip from a friend, I finally decided to stop at BlogBot Standard Edition (my ref. Link).

The post, by the way, is not advertising, but something like a gratitude and an attempt to earn on their affiliate program. In addition, I was one of the testers of the system.

Several things pushed me to this. First, the recommended friend. Secondly, software was developed by people from well-known SeoMoney blogs. org. ua and Seobucks. ru. Thirdly, for two days I was dumbing the caliper with questions and I was always answered very quickly and politely, even if the topic of the question did not concern the BlogBot. Fourth, the developers offer an affiliate program, which I will discuss below. And finally, fifth, BlogBot has a huge functionality for generating and working with satellites. And most importantly, everything is done very easily and simply.

Of the drawbacks, it may be noted, as for me, that the price and installation process are a bit high. The fact is that the scripts of this software are encoded with ionCube, this is something like Zend, and this extension is not on all hosting. And I still had problems with the Windows locale for working with Cyrillic. I had to knock in support of BlogBot, after which the problems with hosting were quickly resolved. The support itself contacted the hoster and added the BlogBot to my hosting.

The functionality offered by the software can be found at the office. site. But in practice it can be used for a very wide range of earnings: link exchanges, contextual advertising, popanders, clickanders, creating sales satellites, creating a network of satellites to support the main site. And in my version, it became possible to create self-updating satellites and transfer them to other hosting sites, thus reducing the risk of being caught by a filter or a ban from Yandex, which is already small. According to the developers, the satellites live for a long time and feel great in the Yasha index.

I chose the Standard version. Light does not know how to collect content, and Ultimate may be better, but it costs more, and Standard has everything I need. The main thing is there: a spider that perfectly collects content for blogs; blogs are made as if they were filled by people; the synonymizer uniquely distinguishes the text and at the same time the text remains very readable. Also in the standard version there is a translator of posts from MS Word, this is in case you need to make a satellite from the finished content. And the translator works extremely interesting: all the content along with the pictures is pushed into the Word document, broken into articles, saved in XML format and given to the BlogBot. And that's it! Satellite ready.

In general, it is a pleasure to create satellites with the help of this software. As promised, the developers to create one satellite takes no more than 5 minutes. And most importantly, do not need to twist anything and modify the file.

Now about the affiliate program that developers offer. Conditions are very simple. You will receive 15% from each BlogBot purchased by a user who came through your referral link, which can be obtained after registration. The rate will be increased to 25% if you can make more than 10 sales per month. Maybe at first glance 15% and not enough, but if you consistently do from 10 sales per month, then your earnings will average: $ 230 * 25% * 10 = $ 575. And this is a tidy sum.
Payments are made automatically in Webmoney, in the first days of each month, but if you are on fire, you can knock on the caliper and you will be paid immediately. Anyone can sign up with affiliate program.

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